Technology and Bathrooms – 7 Ultra-Cool Gadgets That Wow

Technology has made its way into our daily lives and there’s no stopping it. Home owners are pimping up their kitchen with ultramodern appliances, tricking out living rooms with futuristic home theater systems, and installing automatic gate systems and garage doors like there’s no tomorrow. Whether its laziness or just the thrill of pushing buttons, one thing is certain, the demand for technology is soaring and will continuously invade even our most private dwelling places.

To prove this, we have identified mind-blowing advancements that have somehow tiptoed into our bedrooms all the way to our bathrooms. These are fantastic upgrades that will push even the most primitive primates to jump into the techie bandwagon. Homeowners should also prioritize the basic equipment in their bathrooms such as the water heater. Water heater repair technicians will help maintain this equipment and fix any issues you’ll encounter. They will also let you know when enough time or issues have occurred, and it would be better to go for a full water heater replacement instead.

  • Programmable Showers

Imagine having your very own digital spa where showers are incorporated with digital controls that each family member can personalize according to his preference. From slow spritz to a steady flow to pulsating jets for those who want an intense hydro back rub, users can pre-set and control spray intensity, temperature spray type from a waterproof, touch-button, wall-mounted control panel. And that’s not all, these showers are also equipped with audio and lighting components to complete the spa ambiance. But while all of these may breathe ‘luxury’, these are also pro-environment tools since they can track water consumption preventing wastage. Talk about green and mean mechanisms.

  • Programmable Water Pebbles

Do ideal water temperature, conducive lighting, and sultry music make you want to shower longer? This may be your perfect spa moment coming true on a daily dose — until your water and light bill arrives, enough to give you a heart attack. To make sure that your bills will not go beyond what you have budgeted for, have these programmable water pebbles to remind you that it is time to get out of the shower. This way, you still get to enjoy a few minutes of bliss without the worry of utility bills blowing out of proportions.

  • A Tub That Rocks the Blues

A tub that doubles as a sound system? Sounds awesome! This VibrAcoustic® Hydrotherapy bathtub from Koehler lets you connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices and listen to your favorite tunes or podcasts,  update yourself with news bits, or have language tutorials yapping on the background through the tub speakers. When empty, the tub automatically plays any of the four original compositions pre programmed into the setup. When full, songs such as “Solitude” and “Transcendence” vibrate through the water, which lets you relax and enjoy bubble baths even more.

  • A Faucet Doubling as a Hand Dryer

Dryers are installed in most public restrooms for fast hand drying. However, after washing hands, one needs to go from the sink to the dryer, leaving water droplets on the floor. These puddles could cause slips, unwanted accidents, and an icky, muddy floor we all hate walking on.

All these can now change. Thanks to this new technological advancement by a British inventor, the faucet can now serve as a hand dryer too. The manufacturer incorporates a high-speed dryer into the faucet, which helps dry hands in as fast as 12 seconds using a 420mph blast of air. That is almost three times faster drying time compared to conventional dryers that take around 43 seconds to dry hands. It is equipped with infrared sensors that determine hand positions before water or air is dispensed. You need not worry about bacteria because the inventor assures that the fixture’s HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter catches 99.9% of bacteria and viruses floating inside common bathrooms. It claims that the air being blown from the fixture is clean.

  • A Toilet That Talks

For those whose social life remains utterly dry or non-existent, you can now establish contact with something other than your virtual friends on SIMs. It might seem creepy and borderline crazy to establish a conversation with your toilet as you are doing your “business” but if it sure beats not having anyone to talk to – at all. They say isolation develops a case of the crazies, so why let it reach that point when you can have a confidant that will not argue with you or complain about you having morning breath.

The manufacturer of this talking commode may have other things in mind other than providing a confidant for the social outcasts. As bizarre as it might be, it has pretty amazing features. It tells jokes, provides weather forecasts, and shows an outside bum scrubber for your amusement. The device can be controlled in real-time web link and a webcam from the manufacturer’s web site.

Who knows? Future upgrades might tell fortunes, predict stock market movements, give you a rundown of the news or help you with relationship problems. When that happens, who needs a secretary?

  • Chromatherapy Bathtubs

This year, we saw bathroom trends that focus on intensifying our home relaxation experience. Spa-like features are in in today’s bathrooms to address most people’s need to relax without having to drive hours to and from a spa and pay hundreds of dollars for a single session of relaxation. 

These bubble baths are not your regular run-of-the-mill bubble baths because they are meant to impress. Equipped with adjustable hydro jets that massage the focal points of the body, these tubs are made to provide comfort, with lumbar, head, and arm rests built to support the natural body contour and posture without strain or difficulty. In addition, these tubs are also integrated with colored lights for a therapeutic ambiance that suits your mood. They come in a range of colors for an invigorating experience. Who needs spa trips when you can have the same experience at home?

  • Waterproof Hydra Television

 Admit it. You enjoy having music in the shower. But what if you can have the visuals with it too? The Waterproof Hydra Television is a television that can be installed inside your shower room. It would make much more sense getting those moves on with Beyonce on the background than alone. If you are not music-oriented, you can always watch the news, and keep yourself updated with your favorite soap as you shower. Bubble baths are made even better with this waterproof, babies that come in Stainless Steel, Black Onyx, White Pearl, or custom colors. With one of these installed, you might never want to leave your bathroom.

Rest and relaxation should just be within arm’s reach. After a long day’s work beating deadlines, busting sales pitches, and paperwork-diving 7 days a week, it is just proper to get a few hours of peace and alone time to rejuvenate your ailing mind and body. With these gadgets installed inside your bathrooms, you will be able to recharge, relax, and not want to leave. These luxuries are just what you need to get you all pampered up and rested to take on next day’s challenges. You will never have to look elsewhere to relax. After all, you deserve it.

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