DIY Vs Professional Carpet Cleaning

DIY or Do It Yourself is the latest fad; whether it is in home decor, home improvement or home renovation. The same applies to carpet cleaning as well. Showing off that valuable piece to your friends and family and taking credit for its maintenance is something which is cherished by most of the home owners. But like any other cleaning activity, DIY and professional carpet cleaning has its own advantages.

Advantages of DIY carpet cleaning

  • DIY carpet cleaning is much cheaper when compared to professional cleaning. Nowadays it is possible to rent out carpet cleaning equipments at a much cheaper rate. It can be used as per your convenience and timing for a single room or any room as desired. Rental outlets even provide a small training as to how to use the equipments. Cleaning solutions can also be purchased at a reasonable rate which helps in bringing down the overall cost. Whereas professional agencies either charge on an hourly basis or they have fixed rate per square feet which can sometimes exceed your budget.

  • DIY provides you the complete freedom to clean the carpet the way you want. Some Carpet Cleaning services will have their own style of cleaning which might not be in your interest. Moreover some rental machines even comes with hand tools which can be used for cleaning other soft furnishings of the house.

  • It is very difficult to get an appointment with a professional agency and even if you get one it might not be as per your convenience. Considering the fact that people are always short of time, it is better to go for DIY cleaning.

Advantages of Professional Carpet Cleaning

  • The general misconception with professional carpet cleaners is that they will take a lot of time to clean even a single carpet. But this is not the case in reality as professional cleaners have several assignments lined up and hence they do their job within a stipulated period of time.

  • The main reason why people go in for professional carpet cleaning is because of the quantity of work involved. Lifting the carpet, cleaning and drying it can leave one exhausted. Since the professional cleaners are mainly involved in this type of job they can do the work with ease.

  • DIY carpet cleaning can clean only the outer surface of the carpet. In case of tough stains, the commercially available vacuum cleaners and chemicals are just not enough to bring back the lost sheen of the carpet. This is particularly so in case of pet stains which is very difficult to clean. In such circumstance it is always desirable to rely on professional service. The professionals through their value for money service are able to prolong the life of your carpet.

  • The carpet cleaning equipment used by professionals like the ones at andysteamer are certified and have more extraction power. Moreover the professionals, through their experience, have better knowledge of the type of chemicals to be used in different circumstances.

  • It has been generally observed that since the professional carpet cleaners makes use of the right product for cleaning, the length of time that elapses between two cleaning session will be much greater than when compared to DIY cleaning.

  • Carpet cleaning nyc, through their experience, are able to do their task without causing any damage to the surrounding flooring and furniture. But this may not be the case with amateurish DIY cleaning.

Based on the above advantages one can decide whether to go in for professional or DIY carpet cleaning. If you have decided to go in for professional service and would like to seek advice on carpet cleaning in Brisbane contact Urban Quote.

Author Bio: Susan Johns is a freelance guest blogger in the home decor/improvement niche and work on behalf of various clients. During her free time she likes doing crochet work and spending time with her kids.  

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