Trying To Paint The Exteriors Of Your House? Prepare The Surface Well Before Dabbing On The Paint

A book is judged by its cover and a house is judged by its exteriors, find those professional painters. Neighbours, who may not know you, may still create assumptions about you based on the way your house looks on the exterior. Some shades help your home blend in perfectly with other houses in the neighbourhood whereas some houses make you stand out. Some shades are an eyesore whereas some are a delight. Some colours look dull and faded whereas some remain the same through the years to come. Thus, selecting the right exterior paint is crucial, and you will need a professional exterior painter for this.

Preparing for a makeover

There are several factors to consider when you decide to paint the exteriors. Firstly, the quality of paint is essential. It should be able to withstand all types of harsh weathers and yet it should retain its original looks. Secondly, the walls that need to be painted have to be prepared well i.e. they can’t be soiled, dusty or full of dirt. Before the first layer of paint goes on, the walls need to be cleaned properly with a mild detergent. Sometimes when home owners clean walls with a cleaning detergent they realise that the paint looks fresh and they don’t need to repaint the surfaces at present.

After cleaning the walls, it is essential to remove the old paint from certain type of walls. This can be done through various methods like scraping, sanding, heat techniques etc.

Selecting the perfect shade

A lot of houses are decorated under the guidance of an interior designer who chooses the colours for the exteriors and the interiors. In most cases, the interior designer is not called back when the house needs touch ups. In most cases, homeowners save money and try to repaint the house on their own. It is a smart idea especially if you want to save some money. But the only negative effect of this effort is that homeowners are never able to find the same shade in paints that the interior designer had selected. Thus, when they repaint the place, they end up with colours that are usually very different than the original. Trusted Grand Prairie Painters will paint the exterior perfectly, check out their previous projects.

An easier way to maintain the current colour scheme is by using some computer technology. A few paint stores have deployed computer technologies that enable them to figure out the exact colour that matches your wall. All you need to do is take a small piece of coloured trim to the paint shop and allow them to scan it using special tools. Once the computer completes the analysis, the paint store will be able to create the exact same colour shade by mixing paints as instructed by the computer software.

In the case of your previous exterior paint colour not being as per your liking, you can make use of the extensive colour catalogues that are present at the paint store to make your choice.

Painting your walls away

There’s just one thing to do once you buy your paint; start painting the walls. You should use Infinity Painting for your exterior house painters in New Haven. A DIY approach is definitely cheaper but requires commitment in terms of time and efforts.

Today’s guest post is contributed by Luke Casey. He is an established home decorator who enjoys blogging in his spare time. For more information on paint, tools, hardware and more, click here.

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