10 Costly Mistakes People Make When Building A New Home

For many people, building a new house is a dream come true. Some people do most of the work themselves, some contract professional building companies to do the job for them, and others “owner builds” but use the services of many other professionals to make sure the end product is a great success.

There are many options when it comes to building a new house, however none of them is beyond risk. Before your dream house becomes a reality, there are certain things you should do in order to make sure it doesn’t become a house of horror.

Here is a list of 10 common mistakes that are made by home builders when building a new house.

1. HVAC system:
The right HVAC system in a house will ensure comfort and add value to the new building. So, choosing the right size of HVAC unit is absolutely essential. A small unit will need the system to run round the clock, while a large system will make people feel too cold or too hot and results in a huge rise in the energy costs. No one wants a home that is not warm enough during the winter and not cool during summer. Such poor planning issues can lead to the accumulation of moisture mold growth, which is a health hazard.

2. Poor planning for living space:
The next important challenge is, how to plan for space. Poor space planning can eat up the living space especially when planning for houses with limited areas. While planning for space, you should look for multi-purpose spaces. This means, those areas in the house that will allow to fulfill more than two objectives – a laundry room and a mini bar. Pay attention to where the closets in the bedroom are placed, and watch for those that are not actually required for the house. This will provide enough living space in your newly built house. Also, proper understanding of scales, form and layout can help maximize mental spaces, which do not actually exist.

3. Poor overall house planning:
Take into consideration your current lifestyle and habits when building a new house. Think about the future and the safety features that might be required for your house, a Custom Home Builder will be able to help you decide on the best features you should consider for your custom home building project. The newly built house should take care of your present as well as your future needs.

4. Poor lighting choices:
Ample lighting is required to make the house a welcoming one. Do not forget about the natural sources of light in addition to focusing on lighting fixtures. Having large windows in the house will allow natural light into the house, and so it should be present in each room in the house.

5. Adding unnecessary rooms that are not required:
Extra rooms that are not necessary will cost an extra dollar, which could have been saved for some other important purpose. Often, these unused rooms are a place for dumping unnecessary things that are never used.

6. Planning the laundry room:
Placing laundry rooms in a house are completely a personal decision. However, it is not wise to place them far away from the bedroom or placing them in the basement.

7. Poor placement of the bedroom:
The best location to place the bedroom is one that is free of noises. They should be placed away from the garage and from the kitchen. Make sure that the master bedroom and the other bedroom should be placed on the furthest end of your house.

8. Poor kitchen location:
The kitchen is a place that receives a lot of foot traffic. So, ideally the kitchen should be in a place that is easily accessible for everyone; near the living room, dining room, or garage, and at the back entrance.

9. Poor placement of the garage:
Improper garage location can end up accumulating dirt and dust in your living room. So, it is better to place a garage door installation near the kitchen or near the mud room. You may hire a garage door services contractor to install and maintain your garage door.

10. Allowing others to advise on what to do:
You are the only person who knows best about you and your family members. Allowing others to advise on how to build the house may not prove useful, since their preferences may be different and do not match up with yours.
Building a new home is a great experience for everyone involved in it. Follow your instincts and think each decision logically to avoid the most common and costly mistakes of home building. This may take some time, but it is time well spent.

Louise is a passionate real estate blogger and works alongside a home building company specialized in custom two storey homes.

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