5 Benefits Hotels Get When Using Low Flow Shower Heads

There are plenty of great products out there that can help you save the environment as well as boost your business. Low flow shower heads are one such product and they are now becoming much more popular for both private and public use. Here are five of the best benefits your hotel business could enjoy by choosing low flow shower heads.

1. Lower Water ConsumptionLow flow shower head

The great thing about low flow shower heads is of course the fact that it helps to reduce the water consumption. At a hotel business this is especially important since the water usage is often very high and a big part of the utility costs.

It is estimated that by switching to these shower heads you are able to reduce around 50% of overall water consumption, according to the Daily Green.

2. Easy To Install

Installing low flow shower heads to your hotel is really simple thing to do and it won’t end up disrupting your business. You can easily do a few rooms in a day and changing the shower head won’t take more than a few minutes.

3. Great Quality For Customers

It is a common misconception to think that low flow shower heads might actually hinder the quality of the shower but this isn’t true. The intensity of the water flow doesn’t change when you opt for low flow shower heads and thus the customers are still able to get the same experience as they did with the old showers.

4. Improves Your Green Credentials

Eco-friendly travel is becoming more and more popular these days and your hotel can benefit a lot by adding another green credential to its name. This can really show your customers that not only do you care about their wellbeing but you also want to make sure the environment is doing better as well.

5. Brings Down Costs

All the above points lead to the last benefit, which is that using low flow shower heads at your hotel you are going to bring down costs a lot. This is both by saving more money as well as bringing more money in. First, with the reduced use of water you are able to save huge amounts on your utility bill.

Second, with the new quality you provide to your customers and the green credentials you receive you are more likely going to have more people interested at your hotel business.

What Low Flow Shower Heads Are And Where To Find Them?

The above benefits should convince your hotel to think about changing for low flow shower heads. You can find low flow shower heads and solid surface showers in many hardware shops and even online retailers sell them. For example, you can look at AQUAFLUX website for water saving products such as low flow shower heads.

What is meant by a low flow shower head is all about the amount of water that flows from the shower in a minute. The flow is measured by using PSI (pounds per square inch) or GPM (gallons per minute). In order for the shower head to be consider as a low flow the rates need to be below 90 PSI or 2.5 GPM.

So make the change and transform your hotel business for better.

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