4 Home Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Many summers ago my family went through a bit of an uncomfortable time. Our air conditioner had died necessitating hundreds of dollars in repairs, and all because we didn’t give the machine consistent maintenance, we had to call an air conditioning contractor for a new air conditioning installation. Looking back on that experience has helped me in regards to my own home. If you want to consider getting an AC maintenance in Brandon, FL, feel confident working with the team of professionals at Empire Heating and Cooling services.

The benefits of proper annual ac maintenance are well documented and the work isn’t so difficult as to require outside help. Central air units require some work on the owner’s part and you may not know where to start, and that’s where I come in. Throughout this article I will embed upon you the advice that I have learned through my life, from house to house. Those who like to responsibly maintain their living environment should read on.

1. Start with the Fans

Everyone knows that air conditioners contain fans to aid them in the cooling of your home. What everyone apparently doesn’t know is that these fans should be cleaned out semi frequently each year. Fan malfunctions will halt the entire system causing you discomfort until the problem gets solved. Remember to tighten any screws or bolts in order to minimize vibrations and noise, you may need a new ac installation and not be aware.

2. The Condenser Appreciates Yard Work

More often than not the typical American home has its condenser outside the home. This will inevitably lead to filth filling the unit up and causing your house to either heat up or cool down. You should always make sure to clear the area around your condenser as to help maintain healthy and clean airflow.

3. Cleaning your Coils

After making sure that your condenser isn’t being obstructed by out of control foliage it’s time to start actually doing some hands on dirty work. It’s recommended that you clean your coil with a vacuum in order to not damage the device. It is also recommended that you let a professional from an air conditioning repair service company clean the condenser if you need it cleaned. Still some owners prefer to purchase the chemical cleaner and fix the problem themselves. Just be careful, is always best to call a professional on air conditioning repair.

4. Clean that Condensate Line!

Your air conditioning system has a condensate drain line as well as condensate drain pans that require cleaning, if not clean you will need an air conditioning repair. If left alone mold and other disgusting things can grow and contaminate your air supply possibly causing unwanted illness. By cleaning your drain pans with a ten parts water one part bleach solution will help keep this problem away. You will also want to make sure that the drain line is allowing water to drain freely and isn’t backing up.


We all know that responsibility pays off and this is another example. Home owners who give their air conditioning system proper maintenance enjoy longer operation times and cleaner air as well as less bills and repairs. The work involved only takes an hour or two depending on the system you have but once you learn what you need to do its super simple. Take some initiative and maintain your home and live a happier healthier life as a result. After all our grandparents’ generation sure as heck did it themselves so why can’t we?

Today’s guest post was provided by Eduardo Dieguez, content writer for BobHeinmiller.com. Eduardo is a 1st generation American born Cuban that is currently in pursuit of his AA Degree at Valencia.

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