Why You Should Update Your Old Windows

When it comes to replacing the windows in their home and having a new home window installation, many people mistakenly think of it as merely another expense to add to their budget. But, it’s so much more than that as it’s an expense that could pay for itself.   1. Older Windows and Your Energy Bill […]

Do your Windows need to be Replaced or Restored?

Not everyone sees an older home as a tear-down. In fact, many homeowners embrace the older construction of their houses, including the extra work that goes into taking care of the aging structure. In a time when awareness of energy use is common, inefficient windows can be a serious concern when you add up how […]

3 Ways to Prevent Window Condensation

The moisture you see building up on your windows isn’t as harmless as you may think. It’s a sign that there’s excessive moisture in your home and it’s one that you don’t want to ignore. In order to prevent window condensation, you’ll want to take these steps to protect your home. By knowing what to […]

5 Reasons Why Blinds And Plantation Shutters Are Perfect For Your Home

Let’s face it — selecting the perfect window treatment is hard work. You’ve got to find something that looks good when it’s both open and closed. You also need something that is going to look good inside your room and from the outside. Then, once you’ve found all of that, you need a window treatment […]

4 Things To Think About Before You Install Roller Shutters

If you’re seriously considering installing roller shutters on the windows and doors of your home or business, you probably already know all of the great benefits they provide. But, unfortunately, all roller shutters aren’t created equal! If you want to make sure that the set you install are the very best for your specific situation, […]