7 Ways You Can Make Your Cleaner’s Job Easier

We often forget house cleaners aren’t there to do everything. They aren’t going to rip out your refrigerator to clean behind it, and they most certainly aren’t going to wait around so you can get them to clean your rally bike.

Be considerate towards your cleaner and you’ll get better results. Here are some of the ways you can make the whole job easier.

1. Talk it Out

Don’t let your cleaner start cleaning and half way through you start whining about organic cleaning products. If you didn’t mention this to them earlier, it’s your fault. They can only work with what they have.

Talk everything out with them. If you’re signing up for a regular cleaning package, sit down with them and tell them about your specific needs.

2. Clutter Clutter Everywhere

Cleaners shouldn’t have to reenact Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark to get to where they need to clean. Organize your home. Families with children should ensure toys and various other pieces of paraphernalia aren’t lying around on the floor. You’re legally responsible for anyone who comes into your house.

3. Ending the Package

Clients who move without telling their cleaners, or tell them just a week before the move, are putting their cleaners in awkward positions. They have to change their schedules accordingly. Do them the courtesy of giving them at least a month of notice. You do the same thing with your landlord, so do the same with your cleaner.

4. Muddy Boots

One way to annoy your cleaner is to walk across their clean floor in a pair of dirty shoes. It disrespects them because you’re completely demeaning the work they’ve just done. It’s pointless to employ a cleaner if you’re just going to put the house back in its original state anyway.

5. Write Things Down

If you have a large house, remembering all the little tasks can be a bother. Don’t expect your cleaner to remember everything from the occasional shouts you give as you struggle out the door to pick up your kids from school. Leave a list. If possible, leave them a photocopy so they can take one with them.

Leaving messages ensures good communication and improves the employer employee relationship.

6. Be Nice

There’s nothing worse than an employer who treats everyone under them like garbage. A cleaner who feels appreciated will go the extra mile for you. They aren’t fussed about spending an extra five minutes free of charge to add an extra sparkle if you show you appreciate it.

You’ll always notice the difference in quality from a cleaner who hates your guts compared to a cleaner who genuinely enjoys paying you a visit.

7. I Know More

Cleaners don’t appreciate being employed by Little Miss Know-it-All. If you think you know better, clean the house yourself. If the house cleaning services you employed are professional with lots of good reviews, assume they know how best to make your house shine. You wouldn’t tell the plumber how to do his job, so pay the same respect to your cleaner. If they mention that they noticed signs of a pest infestation, you should consider contacting a residential pest control company at once. Similarly, if you find damage that could be attributed to termites, or otherwise suspect they may be present, then contact termite control professionals for a definitive solution.

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