Critical Mistakes People Make When Hiring A Pool Building Contractor

You might have made the mistake of assuming the type of pool is the most important part of buying a pool. It’s not. The contractor is the professional you’ll come to rely on during the entire process. We’ve compiled a list of some of the crucial mistakes people often make when they decide to hire a builder.

Shopping with the Wrong Attitude

Pool building is an artisan trade. They’re custom-built for every buyer. They don’t come off of a factory line like cars. Cars are all made in exactly the same way. Pools are adjusted to suit the needs of the buyer.

Shopping with the wrong attitude can lead to you prioritizing the wrong things and seeing a contractor as a mere formality, rather than the essential part of the building process.

Ask Questions…But Don’t Ask Too Many

The first part of this tip is to ask as many questions as you can. The more you understand about pools and how they’re built the better the decision you’ll make. A builder should be able to reel off what goes on at each stage without any problems.

You have to be careful with this step, though. There’s such a thing as paralysis by analysis. It’s an inability to make a decision. Don’t fall into this trap. Instead, understand the process and make a concrete choice on the right builder for you.

The Time of Year

People often make the mistake of assuming they’ll get a better price on the cost of their pool if they decide to build it in the winter. It can actually be worse to build your pool in the winter.

Your contractor is well within their rights to charge you more if they’re forced to work in adverse weather conditions. Furthermore, if you’re paying by the hour you’ll have to put up with impromptu weather breaks, so you can actually end up paying more.

You also won’t save on the materials. The materials to build a pool, such as steel and vinyl, don’t decrease in price in the winter. They’re the same price.

Aesthetics Over All

Your contractor might show you a design of your dream pool. Another contractor might not show your dream pool, but they’ll tell you flow rates and the ease of maintenance. Most people will opt for the first contractor.

This is another major mistake. If one contractor can offer you more efficient filtration and superior flow rates, you take that contractor. His work will lead to lower maintenance costs and less hassle for you in the long-term.

“Just Get Started”

Words you should never hear. In the excitement of building a new pool, you can get carried away. You shouldn’t do this. Your contract should have a three-day cooling off period. If you want to cancel and use someone else, you can. It’s almost impossible to cancel a contract after this, and if it never had a cooling off period it’s even more difficult.

Only use contractors with favorable cancellation terms. You might never need them, but they protect you and the contractor.

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