Air Filter Maintenance Tips

It is important to keep your air filter clean, and replace it often. This is not only for the appliances that use it, but for your health as well. This is true for your car, but especially for your home. Make sure to replace both as often as is recommended. While it is in use, maintain it in the best way possible.

Changing the Filter as Necessary

This may seem extremely easy, but people forget to change their filter all the time. Whether this is because of laziness, or just forgetfulness, it doesn’t matter. Do whatever you can to remind yourself to change the filter on a regular basis. In the long run, this will save you time and money, by keeping your appliances running and avoiding unnecessary repairs.

There are different filters produced for the home, most of which are made of woven cotton and synthetic blend materials. Set up a time once a month to check the filter. If it is full of dust and other filth, it is time to change. Most people end up changing the filter in their home every other month.

Those who have pets in the home, or a larger furnace will probably need to change it more often. If you have a habit of procrastinating, buy the air filters in packs of twelve. This will not only be cheaper than buying one each time, but help you to remember to change the filter as often as is needed.

As with your car, proper maintenance is important to ensure longevity. It is important to check the oil, air filter, and other important functions of your car on a regular basis. This is also true when it comes to your home air filter. If you maintain things all at once you will not forget as easily.

Choosing the Right Product

There are a couple of different filters that you can invest in. these range from size differences, to quality. When you are purchasing a replacement filter, make sure it is the correct size for your unit.

Buying a filter that is too small for your system will cause almost the same amount of damage as not having one at all. It will allow dust and other contaminates to evade the filter and enter into your home. This will also result in clogs in the air conditioning coils, which will have to be repaired by air conditioning services.

Keeping it Clean

The biggest part of maintaining your air filter comes from keeping it and the area around it clean. By preventing an excessive amount of dirt and grime from accumulating around, you will have to replace it less often. You can call an Air Duct Cleaning service to clean your air ducts, keeping your home free from odors and smells. Use a sturdy hose for your air duct so that it won’t accumulate dust. Visit sites like to find the right hose. If you are having problems with your air conditioner, you might want to consider calling an air conditioning repair service for repair and maintenance.

Even with a proper fitted filter, if you look inside, you will see dust growing around all sides of the filter. To prevent this from causing a problem, vacuum and dust this area as often as possible. This will not only improve the air quality in your home, but allow you to go longer without replacing the filter as well.

To keep your filter as clean as possible, buy the brands that are washable and pre-wash them in warm soapy water. Dry it completely before installation. This will keep your filter clean longer than it could have been before.

If you aren’t sure about which type of filter to buy, talk to your local air conditioning service companies to ensure that you get the best product for your system based on size and efficiency. By making sure that it runs properly, you will reduce allergies, and the symptoms of asthma. The health benefits are endless for installing a clean and functioning air filter into your home.

By +Cassie Costner

Cassie Costner works with Method Air, a Salt Lake City HVAC company. Cassie has started learning how important air filter maintenance is to the well-being of everyone in the house. She has learned how to replace the air filters in her home to ensure she has the best air quality possible.

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