Burglary Around The World – Which Countries Have The Highest Rates Of Crime?

Crime, it is defined as a breaking of rules and a disregard to regulations that are implemented by a government in a country that an existing government has and will continue to punish criminals who are involved in criminal activities. Crime of any kind and at any level is not only found in specific countries but it is found in any place and in every nation you can think of. The security in a country depends largely on the sincerity of the government to fight crime down to the barest, whether or not they enjoy local support, and in the quality of equipment they have available, such as their guns for example. Are they outdated, or are they technologically advanced like the AK-47 rifles of recent times? All these, and to what degree do they play out.

These are the Top 8 Countries that have the highest reported crime rates ever.

Top 8 Countries with the Highest Reported Crime Rates

United States

It may be surprising for you to see that the US is at the top of this list; it surprised me too. The US has a total figure of 11,877,218 reported crimes; this number is quite shocking, so shocking in fact it let me wondering and asking, “Why is this country that has so much power and is full of abilities to find peace while fighting against terrorists have such a high crime rate?” Sadly, this question may never be answered.

United Kingdom

Coming in at number 2, the United Kingdom is not as shocking but still a shock in its own right with a crime rate of 6,523,706; leaving many to wonder how much can be done to gain better control over this culmination of criminal situations?


At a crime rate of 6,507,394; Germany is a place we several different crimes are taking place, leaving many people the victims of crimes on a daily occurrence and at the same time leaving the law enforcements to figure out how they can decrease or altogether eliminate these factors.


Next in the line-up is, France. With a crime rate of 3,771,850 being reported, though this country is well-developed and has become more established, they still face similar situations pertaining to the crime. It has been discovered that France’s crime rate is due largely in part to well-defined gangs and mafias working; causing the crime rate to increase significantly.


Russia, a country that has the eighth largest economy found in the world and has the strongest government powers of any other country in the world; it is still considered the most powerful and well-developed country. Russia’s crime rate is at a reported number of 2,952,370; and because of this figure, the Great Russian Federation is in the fifth slot of the Top 8 countries.


With a total crime rate of 2,853,739; Japan, the leading country in technology finds its place at number six of the top countries who have the highest crime rates. While they have made some great achievements in technology and it rules the technological world it has one of the biggest criminal networks in the world. There are a number of cases that have been reported by tourists who have their luggage stolen.

South Africa

Making the list at number seven, South Africa total reported crime rate of 2,683,849. A country of 53 million people and eleven official languages it is also with a huge crime rate that the people of South Africa wished was not attached to them. South Africa’s crime rate includes crimes and criminals that partake in street crimes such as robbery, thief, and gangsters as well as major mafia and contraband smugglers; even more disturbing is the high rate of crimes involving rape at 500,000 women every year.


Canada, a well-known and well-established North American country with some of the most amazing international representations is falling into the eighth position of the top countries with the highest crime rates at 2,516,918. Overall the police and law enforcement agencies are working to eliminate criminal activities but there are some criminal activities found in the rural and urban areas that have some major gangs that have rooted themselves and are breeding more crime every day. Aside from such crimes as robbery, murder, and theft; there are crimes that are growing by the day.

No matter where you go, there will almost always be some sort of crime but this does not mean crime cannot be decreased or eliminated at all. With the right strategies and determination, these countries can take back their streets; homes and more.

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