Charming Thanksgiving Décor On A Budget

Now that the vampire costumes and fun sized candy bars have seen the end of their days (at least until next Halloween), it’s time to embrace the true holiday of autumn—Thanksgiving. With leaves coated in deep reds and pale yellows, Thanksgiving is the season to bring all nature’s bounty indoors. Here are a few easy Thanksgiving crafts to place on end tables, pedestals, dining tables and etc…

  1. Go on a nature walk and breathe in the crisp fall air. Take a basket and find things that can be used to make center pieces and decorations for your home. Such as pine cones, leaves, sticks, acorns, and flowers. Create a table decoration with your findings.
  2. Gather a nice pile of twigs and make a wreath to hang on your front door. Use a thin wire to tie the twigs together.
  3. Create your own fall garland by tying pine cones together on a string.
  4. Here’s an activity that’s cheap and entertaining for the kids. Make little stick fairies and elves with leaves as their clothes and wings. Use Elmer’s glue or a hot glue gun. Use any other crafts to build your stick people—such as googly eyes or yarn for hair.
  5. Family Banner Book- Spread a large piece of art paper over a table or taped on a wall. Draw as many squares on the paper as there are in your family. So if you have four people total in your family, try to have at least four squares. Have each family member leave something on their square, a hand print, a message, or a hand drawn picture. Then cut out all the squares and make it into a book. Then in years to come you can cherish the book your family made together. Don’t forget to date the book! You could even decorate the outside cover of the book and place it on a pedestal in your living room. That way Thanksgiving guests and family members can look through it.
  6. Make a garland out of newspaper and leaves. Simply lay your newspaper over some freshly fallen leaves, rub crayon over the newspaper, cut out, and then string together. When choosing the colors of crayon to rub over the newspaper try to pick fall colors like red, orange, and yellow. Also for an awesome affect glue a tad of glitter to the edges of the newspaper.
  7. Collect a bundle of small twigs and put them in a flower vase. Then take some construction paper and cut leaves out to put on the twigs. You can even have your kids write what they are grateful for on the leaf and then tape it to the tree. Place this timeless decoration on the dining table or on a pedestal for all to see.
  8. Take a vase and make 3 layers of different dry ingredients. Pour split green peas into the bottom of the vase and then flatten it down. Next put dry beans in the vase and pat down. Then put corn kernels on top and flatten again. Finally place a candle on top of the corn kernels and make a bow for the vase made out of twine. Put this on a table as a center piece or on an end table to accent your other fall décor.
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Rachael Largent is a content creator who enjoys writing about Thanksgiving decorations, and accentuating homes with wood display pedestals.

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