Choose The Best Paint For Your Project

As the temperatures begin to fall, now would be the best time to dust off that to do list that was left behind while having fun during the summer. You may find there are projects on the list that you really want done in time for end of the year holiday gatherings or something that can keep you occupied during the winter. Regardless of the time table you set for your project, it is important you choose the right product with which to finish it. If you are going to choose paint there are many different types of paint to choose from including clay paint.

Choose Your Project

Prior to making any decisions on what type of product you will need to finish off your project, you need to choose one first. You may want to split your to do list into two or more smaller lists. Focusing on a small list will not only make things seem a little more manageable, it will also allow you to determine the timeline for each project and what you should start now.

To Build or Not to Build

Once you choose your project then you may have to make the decision of to build or not to build. This means are you going to design and create the piece you have in mind from scratch or are you going to purchase premade piece and then customize it? When making this decision, take time to consider your time table as well as the skills you possess. If building furniture and other items is something you have a passion and knowledge for, go for it.

You may even want to attempt to make something from scratch if you are good at woodworking, but have not quite ventured into the realm of furniture yet.

However, if your skills are something that need improvement or you don’t have a lot of experience with woodworking, you may want to purchase a premade piece. Keep in mind though that just because you buy something premade, does not mean you cannot customize it. In fact there are plenty of DIY painting techniques you can use.

How to finish off your project?

Once you have completed the designing and building phase or purchase of your project, it is time to make an important decision. How do you want to finish it? For this you are going to want to consider a variety of factors including the final look you are going for and the material you are working with. You may choose to stain the project or paint it. If painting is your choice then you may want to look into clay paint or any other variety that is available. Keep safety in mind when painting your project. Make sure the area around you is well ventilated and if anyone is susceptible to potential problems with smells or chemical exposure, such as pregnant women, you may want to send them out of the area until you are done.

Creating a project whether from the design phase or just for customization is exciting. Look at your to do list not as a source of stress, but a source of adventure. Enjoy the adventure!

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