Hedgerows And Hedges-Do They Serve Any Importance?

You will find that today people value their hedgerows a lot and for different varied reasons. They were highly used as boundary markers in the past and ensured livestock was either kept in the fields or out. Hedgerows have maintained their crucial part in the area of agriculture although such reasons for hedgerows are not as valid as they were ages ago due to the development of wire fencing, use of GPS and accurate maps. Nonetheless, you will find these hedges and hedgerows have strong justifications.

Modern challenges and changes call for recognized benefits of hedgerows especially as part of the historical record and cultural heritage including their importance in the area of landscape and wildlife. There is a lot of value when it comes to the major part they play in the prevention of loss of soil and reduction of pollution amidst being able to reduce the actions of flooding and regulation of water supply. If your property also has landscaping trees all around, you may need tree care services to maintain their health and appearance. For instance, tree trimming and inspection may be needed every 1-3 years. But if you are actually setting up how you want your landsacpe to look then you can contact a landscape design service for professional help.

Greenhouse Gasses Control

Hedgerows have also been ascertained as playing a very important part in ensuring that greenhouse gases have been thrown out of circulation via carbon storage especially if the owners allow them to really grow in size. Essentially, loss of these hedgerows leads to some changes in the area of climate.

Traditional Benefits

In the past, hedgerows were also very important in other areas such as providing firewood while being the perfect shelter from the sun, rain and wind for people, farm animals and crops. Fossil fuels are slowly becoming expensive and dwindling as violent storms become more frequent and hedgerows might become prominent all over again.

Privacy And Food

Today, hedgerows are very important in offering homes some privacy, hiding unsightly development and providing berries made into jams amidst being the material used in making lots of crafts such as walking sticks. Livestock, sheep and cattle also eat flowers and leaves growing in the hedgerows for self treatment of ailments and diet supplementing.

Hedges Among Us

Lots of ecosystem services are provided by hedges. However, they also play a lot of historical and cultural importance today. For example, the United Kingdom is respected across the world for having varied rich hedgerow patterns that have been a very important part of the landscape and cultural heritage ranking alongside the spectacular coastlines, picturesque villages and immense cathedrals.

Local Uniqueness

Hedgerow networks in conjunction with dry stone walls in some places covering a huge part of the countryside have a way of picking out some transformations in soils, underlying geology and topography. These networks also defined the past and current patterns of land use and agriculture. When put together with the settlements, roads and woods, the landscape give a unique character imparting a very crucial local individuality. Then if you are looking for some new hedging, we suggest you have a look at the superb Hornbeam hedging as we have used it a lot and it always looks amazing.


Wildlife is a very important resource in any culture and hedgerows play a very important part in conservation. Shrubs and native trees have been recognized as a habitat priority for actions on conservancy across the world. Hedgerows, grassland, scrub and woodland make a mix rich in different animal and plant especially in extensive countryside, making an essential refuge and habitat for a lot of farmland animals and wildlife.

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