Allure Of Solid Wood Furniture In Your House

If you have seen solid wood furniture around, you have to agree that it is one of the best quality art pieces you have ever seen, Read More about this beautiful pieces. Most of the handmade furniture made in America is made of solid wood as the perfect raw material. It is well known for its endurance and due to the way it is cut with ease, formed and carved in just any kind of home and office furniture, it is well loved across the board. It has a measure of unique glow and beauty once it has been finished and fashioned by people who are gifted in the craft.

Holding firm over the years

Furniture in America is mostly made of solid wood and some has been around for decades. Some of this furniture was created over 70 years ago while in the same country, lots of the original fiberglass and plastic furniture that entered the continent in the 50s and 60s has since been confiscated.  Plastic and fiberglass designs were very popular back in the day but the position of solid wood and its alluring nature is yet to be taken.  Lots of new plastics and metals that cannot corrode have been formed in industries but solid wood has still held on as the number one material in the modern furniture making.

Apart from reinforcement, metal hardly entered the construction of furniture for the home and office. Tubular steel and aluminum development challenged plastic and plywood with each one of these materials having its day in the eyes of many. Nonetheless, they seem to be temporary and slowly faded into utter insignificance with solid wood standing firm and at the head.

Solid wood furniture magnetism

The magnetism of solid wood is very strong and any man knows it very well. The warmth of wood is still something many people cannot explain. Genuine wood is warm and the grain always feels like something exotic, whether it is white oak over walnut or particleboard. The symmetry of wood is so unique and natural that finding anything else that can beat it is almost impossible.

As you feel the weight of solid wood, you realize the furniture you have in your home is not only enduring but also one of a kind. Tables, table tops and other pieces of furniture made of the best wood and highly polished in the best way gives the perfect shine that metal or synthetic materials cannot give.

Wooden furniture strength

Particle board and plywood is very different from solid wood due to the little matter of strength and endurance. Fashioning normal joints in other materials apart from wood is virtually impossible such as cutting dovetail, tenon and mortise joints in plywood or particleboard. For other materials different from solid wood, joining blocks of metal or plastic have to be used, including plugs, screws and glue.

Over thousands of years the magnetism of solid wood to man has always been strong since the time sitting on the rocks was replaced by crude wooden furniture. From weaponry, mechanical parts to furniture, wood is still the shining denominator that is almost as important as fire. It is the reason why solid wood furniture makes sense to all across the divide.

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