3 Changes In The Construction Industry In 2014

The commercial construction industry has slowly been trying to get itself back on its feet after the slow period. There have been some positive changes in the industry due to the Government regulations and the steady economic growth is only a positive sign for construction jobs. To help your business make better choices in the following year here are three changes that need to be considered in 2014.

1. Extension On Energy Company Obligation

The sad news for the construction industry came just towards the end of the year when the Government announced an extension on Energy Company Obligation. According to luxury residential builders sydney, under this scheme the energy suppliers had to provide wall insulations for buildings to bring down the energy costs. For construction a passenger and material hoist is required if you’re transporting both people and goods.

The timeframe for the project was extended from two to four years and requirements for reductions in carbon emissions were reduced as well. This means that in the next few years the energy suppliers are only required to do 100,000 insulation projects altogether when in 2012 this number was 80,000 for just that one-year alone.

This means that many small and medium sized construction companies will see a lot of reduction in the amount of projects they get. This can be really crucial for many companies especially as there was a huge investment to train builders to do these jobs. As CNPlus article also points out many companies invested in the equipment as well. When your plant & machinery is down and you need a hydraulic repair service, you want FAST evaluation & diagnosis, and a first-class professional repair done in the shortest possible time.

2. Focus On Eco-Friendly Solutions

The above changes will be tough for many companies but there is still overall a growing demand for environmentally friendly solutions. The demand even for further eco-friendly solutions than required will grow and people will be more focused on getting quality green buildings.

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The good thing is that there are a lot of opportunities out there. Although the above struggle is going to be challenging there is a possibility for some companies really transform their business with better green building solutions.

There are plenty of green innovations out there in the industry as well. For example, the famous ETFE building material is becoming more available for both commercial and private use. This is no wonder since the ETFE properties are green and very suitable for all types of buildings.

It is a good idea to keep moving forward and try to find these innovative ideas to help your business grow further.

3. More Ability To Build

The Government has also tried to boost the industry by kick-starting different schemes such as the Help To Buy programme. These are the right sorts of measures that need to be done in order to get the industry going.

There is also a huge need for new affordable housing which can provide an opportunity for construction contractors. The only problem currently stopping more buildings from being built is the challenge to even get a building permission. There needs to be a lot more focus on this area in 2014. For the best place to buy safety equipment for a construction site, click here.

But the road is getting a little bit better for construction companies to operate. There are still struggles to be fought but the green building regulations and new innovations can provide some comfort for the industry in 2014.

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