5 Reasons Why Winter Is The Best Time To Pick A Spot For Your Pool

You may not be experiencing swimming weather during the winter, but planning your pool during the cold weather season has some distinct advantages over waiting until spring. You will find that starting early allows you the benefit of choosing the pool that fits your space, and budget, in plenty of time for warm weather.

Fewer Interruptions

Planning a pool installation is a process that requires a little time to develop, if you want to get it done faster we you can now hire top services like the Avalon design group, to learn more form them use this link to check out their website. When you pick your spot for the pool during the winter, you have the advantage of having a good look at your property without the disruption of other outdoor activities that are common during other times of the year. For example, you have probably stored all your children’s summer toys and yard care equipment away for the winter, allowing you to look at your space without the clutter that typically occurs during the spring and summer. A clear lawn also makes it easier to measure your space accurately, which is important when you are planning to install a pool.

Planning Your Pool Design

Planning to install a pool takes more time than you may suspect. You need to know exactly how large you want the pool to be, which shape will work before for the space you have available and which type of pool you want to have installed. Some pools, such as fiberglass pools built with custom features, also take a little time to be created to your specifications. Not only will planning during the winter give you ample time to prepare the space you have available, it will allow the fiberglass pool builder time to design a pool that fits your personal needs perfectly before the spring thaw.

Winter Savings

If you can choose a spot for your pool installation early in the winter, you may be able to take advantage of wintertime savings from pool companies. Above and in ground pool companies often offer winter discounts on pools and supplies, allowing you to find the pool of your dreams at a lower cost than you think possible. Request an estimate for the pool that you are interested in from December until February to experience the greatest savings. You will want to begin building in February or March, if possible, in order to be sure that your pool is completed before warm weather.

Making Contact

Pool builders are often swamped with requests for repairs and installations during the warm season. If you pick the perfect spot for your pool early in the winter, you can contact your installer and schedule your installation on a schedule that fits your personal needs best, instead of being packed in between other appointments. Pool installation may take several different appointments before the project is completed, so make sure that you spend a little time talking to your pool contractor to find out what to expect. Since most pool installation and repair companies have more free time during the winter, you don’t have to worry about taking up too much of their time with your questions and concerns. Give Professional Foundation Piling Companies a call too for their advice.

Be Ready for Spring

Pool installations, like other home renovation projects, may not be completed on schedule. By picking a spot for your pool during the winter and starting the installation during the cooler months of early spring, you can be sure that you pool is completed in time for warm summer weather. Most pool contractors can begin building as long as the ground in your area isn’t frozen if you are installing an in ground pool. Above ground pools can often be installed earlier in the spring to ensure you are well-prepared for hot summer days in advance.


Bob Quigly is a landscaping and family fun enthusiast who contributes to many blogs on the greatest outdoor trends and great pools tips on behalf of Backyard Ocean inflatable pools. Quigly suggests visiting their websites to explore the best rated above ground pool pumps!

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