Bathroom Organization Ideas That Cut The Clutter

A well-organized bathroom is essential for smoother mornings and relaxing evenings. Utilizing smart storage solutions when you’re having a bath remodel project allows you to add functionality and space to your powder room. Read on to find out how to bring order to your shelves, vanity drawers, countertop and under-sink area.  Do you live in Australia and are looking for Luxury Kitchen & Bath Remodels? We are now offering free online consultations through Rize Construct. Make an appointment today! Fully Licensed & Insured Contractors of kitchen and bathroom renovations on the Gold Coast.

Keeping an orderly bathroom is much easier when you’ve designated storage locations for your bath products. Floating or open shelves add a modern touch over your standard shelves, however, many people prefer having traditional cabinets. Everyday toiletries could be stored on them — including lotions, toothbrushes, shaving creams and towels. Over-the-toilet and corner shelves also make great use of empty wall space. However, if you choose to store items above the toilet, it’s best to get in the habit of keeping the toilet cover closed. This prevents toiletries from falling inside and minimizes contamination.

Whether your bathroom is big or small, these savvy storage ideas could help you add space and stay organized. For more ways on how to designate storage locations for items, see the accompanying resource. 

Graphic created by Modern Bathroom.

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