A Bathroom Kids Can Grow With

Kids bathrooms are adorable when they’re decked out in toy boats or Mickey Mouse wallpaper, but kids grow up fast and that cuteness only last as long as it fits their age. So what happens when that little one is suddenly 14 and trying to find his or her own style? Do you completely remodel? You wouldn’t have to if you made the smart decision of designing a bathroom that has the ability to grow as your children grow without requiring costly gutting and rebuilding.

Guidelines to Grow With

Before spending a dime, there are a few guidelines that may help you plan a design that you and your kids will be happy with for years to come.

Stay Flexible

If you’re starting from scratch, find a palate that you are comfortable with. Choose a style and set of colors that is consistent with the rest of your home and build upon it. Early on, the design is more about your convenience, as at that point it is you that must be there with your child to help them. As they grow, having room in the design to add stools for height and multipurpose storage, which is essential as buckets of bath toys go out and styling products come in. Choosing basics and more neutral colors allows your design to stay adaptable to superficial change over the years. Which brings us to the next consideration.

Easy Upkeep

You’ll already be cleaning up after the kids for a while, so why not make it easy on yourself. As lovely as drop in and vessel sinks are, they take more time to clean. Installing an undermount sink—a sink that lays flat and even with the counter, along with wide spread bathroom sink faucets, will be easy to clean and maintain. Wipe water and messy gunk from the counter straight down the drain instead of trying to sop it up with towels every time splashing occurs. If any part of your plumbing system fails or gets damaged, you may need to seek emergency plumbing services.

Installing hooks over towel bars is also a quick way to get growing kids to actually hang up their towels instead of leaving them wet on the floor. It saves them time and hassle while still requiring the responsibility to pick up after themselves as they grow. This is no small feat, some adults haven’t mastered it, so making bathroom maintenance as simple as possible is the way to go.

Let Them Take Ownership

Bottom line, if the room feels like it’s uniquely theirs, it’s more likely they will take ownership of it. This doesn’t mean changing major aspects of the design, or even paint color, it’s about guiding and then allowing them to take pride in their individual styles and responsibility for the space.

At a younger age, add elements that they are proud of. A particular drawing framed on the wall, little league pictures or a shower curtain representing something they love. Let them take it from there by giving them the option of changing accessories or photographs.

Be Sensible

Above all things, make sure they are safe in their own space. Choose a floor they won’t easily slip on. If that means adding rugs or a naturally textured stone, take that extra step, safety is paramount at any age.

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Annalise Proctor is a Chicago transplant with interests ranging from DIY projects and interior design to eco-sustainability and animal welfare. When she’s not obsessing over new Pinterest ideas, she writes the blog for a Denver based bathroom remodeling company.

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