5 Tips For Christmas Tree Maintenance

Now’s the time of year when it’s time to pick out the perfect Christmas tree. The right tree can make any area of your home look especially festive for the holidays.There are a few ways to make sure your tree looks its best for years to come. Here are some tips for Christmas tree maintenance that you’ll want to keep in mind.

Acclimate Your Tree

You’ll need to acclimate your tree to its new environment by letting it rest on your porch for a day or two before you bring it into the house. Letting the tree sit in the garage for a day is helpful as well. This allows your tree to get used to weather that is slightly warmer than its natural growing environment. If you bring the tree in the house too soon, the leaves could wither due to the noticeably warmer weather in your home. This rule especially applies to quality trees that you can get from a tree farm, right out of the ground. Choose a tree that has lush green leaves and a sturdy trunk so it will look particularly attractive when displayed with all your decorations.

Keep the Tree Watered and Nourished

It’s very important that your Christmas tree stays watered so that it retains its deep green color and has strong branches. Make sure you water the tree adequately within the first couple of hours it is cut. The water level should never be lower than the base of the tree for best results. You can also enrich the soil by putting ingredients like egg shells, soda or aspirin into the soil to help the Christmas tree thrive.

Place Your Tree Carefully

Keep the tree away from high-traffic areas of your home. This will reduce the chances that family members will knock the tree down or run into it. Cover the area of the floor where the tree will be placed so that the floor won’t become scratched or damaged by the tree’s pine needles or branches.

It’s also best not to place the tree near heat sources like the fireplace or heaters. This way, you won’t have to worry about the tree catching fire, which could be a huge safety hazard.

Inspect Christmas Tree Lights

Check the lights that you’re putting on your Christmas tree to make sure they are in their best condition. Make sure none of the bulbs are cracked or damaged, and see that the cords are not frayed or torn. Faulty lights can damage your tree, so it’s best to use lights are are newer or of superior quality to secure great holidays in your home. Only use Christmas tree lights that have been factory-approved.

Remove Extra Leaves

The pine needles on your tree are likely to fall off pretty often. Use a cordless vacuum or broom and dust pan to clean up the pine needles. This immediately improves the presentation of the tree. It’s also best to check for tree sap leakage. As soon as you see leakage, you should remove it right away, so that the sap won’t permanently stain your floors and furniture.

These helpful tips will allow you to have a Christmas tree in pristine condition every year. You’ll enjoy putting the tree up when you know that you’ve done all you can to make this important holiday decoration look its absolute best.

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