Reverse Mortgage Services for Senior Americans

American Advisors Group is a company focused on providing reverse mortgage services to individuals across the U.S. Though many people might be interested in a reverse mortgage, they are only available for adults ages 62 and older. As a result, AAG markets exclusively to those seniors in their target demographic.

The Company’s Mission:

Not everyone qualifies for a reverse mortgage. In fact, only Americans over the age of 62 are eligible for this type of arrangement. But as we age, making such decisions can be difficult. That’s where American Advisors Group comes in. AAG management works together to make the process of obtaining a reverse mortgage as simple and efficient as possible for the company’s clients. AAG’s main objectives are to serve seniors in their community and make information about the loan process transparent and fair.

An Overview of AAG

AAG is a certified reverse mortgage lender. Their primary demographic is older Americans who are looking to stay in their homes but have trouble paying for regular living expenses. The best way to promote a business or a product is to market it appropriately. If you’re looking for a loan from a bank or financial institution, it is smart to do your research and compare all your options. Today most people prefer shopping around online.  When you search for a service, you’ll be given several options. From there you can research each company and learn about their offerings. Among the leaders in the industry, individuals will select the plan or company that is optimal for them. Due to this current method of searching for information online, it’s important for a company to rank highly in search results. This way, people are more likely to find them online and learn about their services.

For example, American Advisors Group is a money lender in the financial services industry. They deal with reverse mortgages so they actively work to promote their name along with the phrase “reverse mortgages”. This makes it easier for potential customers to find AAG online when they specifically need mortgage assistance. This type of marketing is tailored and effective for drawing leads and bringing in quality customers.

Contacting AAG:

The reverse mortgage services offered by AAG are certainly an attractive option for many seniors. It’s a good idea for eligible individuals to look into the company’s LinkedIn page for more information about the organization. On this professional network, seniors can learn not just about the company, but also stay up-to-date with industry news and updates. These pieces of information, along with hiring announcements, can give someone unfamiliar with the industry a good look into what reverse mortgages are all about. LinkedIn is one of the more serious or professionally oriented social platforms, so it’s likely to have the most high-level or industry-specific content. For those who are more curious about the company or looking to interact with a platform, there are other networks that offer more of that.

For example, the company’s Facebook page is another effective avenue for industry information. Customers can “like” the page, and make contacts and connections via the social platform. Both LinkedIn and Facebook are useful social networks for seniors looking to get connected with a reverse mortgage lender, but Facebook might offer a more personal, casual online experience.

Ultimately, AAG might be a good place to start when searching for reverse mortgage options. They deal exclusively with reverse mortgages so they are fully focused on industry regulations and individual options. If you’re an American over the age of 62 and you’re considering a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) loan, do your research, but consider the well-known and respected American Advisors Group.

This guest post was written by Trey Fiskan. Troy is a real estate professional with an interest in HECM loans. When he’s not fine-tuning his industry expertise, Troy enjoys running, biking, fishing, and spending time with his family. He believes Saturdays are the best day of the week but likes Mondays more than the average person.

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