Indoor Plants: 3 Reasons To Incorporate Them Into Your Office Decor


Indoor Plants: 3 Reasons to Incorporate Them Into Your Office Decor

When decorating your office, plants probably aren’t the first decorative elements to come to mind. You’re likely thinking more about color schemes, furniture, hardware, office and meeting rooms layouts, etc. However, incorporating some indoor plants into your office decor is actually a great idea with plenty of benefits for a low cost. Not only will they help make your office look more attractive, they can also help clean the air, improve employees’ moods and even mental health as well as productivity. Let’s have a look at why you should seriously consider adding a bit of vegetation, such as drought resistant plants, to your office decor.

Better Air Quality

Air quality is quite bad in most offices and usually even (much) worse than outside air quality, even if your office is located in the middle of a city. Air-conditioning systems almost never filter out pollutants that are drawn in from outside air. These pollutants mix with pollutants that are already present in the indoor air, creating an environment with very poor air quality. While most people would probably think that only expensive air filtering systems could help resolved this problem that is luckily not true. Research has shown that indoor plants significantly improve the indoor air quality. Most types of indoor plants are quite effective at removing a range of different pollutants from the air. Research also shows that indoor plants have a positive effect on office workers’ health, which makes sense since the quality of air has a significant impact on a person’s health. Adding some indoor plants to your office decor is only a small investment that can have a large impact on your office’s air quality and consequently your employees’ health.

Higher Productivity

Not only will your office’s air and your employees’ health be improved by indoor plants, you might also get better productivity from your employees. Several studies have indicated that people who are at work in an environment with plants are significantly more attentive and productive than when they work in a place without any plants. Even if indoor plants would only improve your employees’ productivity by one percent, they would likely still be worth the investment. So if you want to make sure that your employees can deliver their best work, get some office vegetation sorted as soon as possible.

Improved Mental Health

The positive benefits of having plants around the office just don’t stop. Your now super productive and much healthier employees might also become much happier with having plants around the office. Several studies indicate that plants and flowers improve people’s moods and reduce the chances of them getting depressed due to stress. Other research shows that relationships with co-workers could also be improved by being in an environment with plants, which could lead to better collaboration in your office.

You should be pretty convinced by now that you need some vegetation in your office. When you do go out to buy some plants, make sure you get some different types. Ask the shop owner for advice on which plants would do best in an office environment and how they should be taken care of. For obvious reasons you’ll want office plants which are easy to take care of.

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at Alamo Injury Attorneys, a personal injury law firm in San Antonio, Texas. Zane likes having plants in his office.

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