Steam Cleaning: A Beginners Guide

What is steam cleaning?

Steam cleaning is where the power of steam is used to clean all manner of objects in a natural and un-corrosive way. Whilst usual household cleaners can contain an extensive list of chemical products, steam cleaning can involve only water.

The benefits of steam cleaning

Because of the power of steam cleaning, it can negate the need to purchase expensive products that may, over time, be relatively damaging to the items in your home. Additionally it is an extremely safe and cost effective method for day to day chores. Just use this link to learn the best ways to use steam to clean your home. Because steam comprises of only water, it won’t stain fabrics, or leave toxic residues on household surfaces and despite its simplistic form, steam is extremely effective at killing bacteria. Furthermore, steam is great for the environment, as typical household products can empty damaging toxins into the atmosphere.

How does it work?

The basis of steam cleaning is extremely simple. It works by heating the adhesives within dirt and grime to loosen them from the surfaces they are stuck on to. You are then free to easily wipe away the remainder of the stain with just a cloth. You could consider UNI-STAR Cleaning Service for this.

How to operate a steam cleaner

Operating a steam cleaner is as simplistic as the way in which steam cleaning works. All you need to do is fill the steam cleaner with fresh water, and leave the cleaner to heat it up.

Once ready, the steam cleaner will filter the steam through its system, and you can get busy with the steam that comes out of the nozzle, hose or, in the case of a vacuum, through its base.

Generally steam cleaners can go for quite a long while without the need to keep refilling it’s water supply.

Household items that can be steam cleaned

Steam cleaning is extremely versatile; in fact, there’s not much within the home that can’t be steam cleaned. Here is a starter list:

General Household items

Windows, window frames and window surrounds


Lounge/Dining Room

· Fire Surrounds (Take note however, steam cleaning obviously can’t be used on electrical items)

  • Hearths


· Any shiny surfaces (Such as porcelain, chrome or metal)

  • Lino
  • Taps
  • Disinfecting toilet bowls
  • Tiled floors and walls
  • Shower screens or curtains
  • Shower heads
  • Grouting


· Cookers, ovens, oven hoods and grills

· Fridges and Freezers (You can even use steam cleaning to defrost your freezer!)

  • Tiled floors and walls
  • Lino
  • Grouting

· Work Surfaces and breakfast bars

  • Taps


· All manner of fabrics can be cleaned, however draylon and velvet are excluded.

  • Curtains, blinds and drapes

· Flooring, carpets and general upholstery


  • Plastics of fiberglass items
  • Tools
  • Weeds

Steam cleaning products

By now you’ll realise that there’s not many homes that wouldn’t benefit from having a steam cleaner. But there are certain things to keep in mind when considering which steam cleaner will fit your needs.

· Tools and attachments – There are an amazing range of steam cleaners out there, and an even more amazing range of tools and attachments. However before you plump for the steam cleaner with ‘189 useful attachments’ think about how many you’ll really need.

· Size – You should also consider where you will store your steam cleaner, if you buy a large, bulky item, you may find yourself short on options as to where it can be tucked away.

· Weight – Whilst larger steam cleaners are likely to be more powerful, they’re also inevitably going to be heavier. Think about whether you could clean your entire house whilst lugging around one of the heaviest steam cleaners in the world

Steam cleaning has many benefits: it is cheap, environmentally friendly, convenient and versatile. Given that there’s not a lot that steam cleaning can clean, it is a must have for every home.

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