5 Common Remodeling Mistakes To Avoid

Remodeling your house can be about the most stressful home-related project for any homeowner.  Whether you are worrying about going over budget, detailing your plan for contractors or finding trustworthy workers you are bound to face pressure during the process.

Take time to address some common remodeling mistakes to ease your anxieties.

Making Last Minute Decisions

Deciding at the last minute to make critical changes to your remodeling campaign can wreck the best laid plans. Think through important details ahead of time to avoid nightmarish scenarios in the future. If you are imagining how your tiles will look and make a snap decision you might be disgusted with how your floor turns out for the next 5 to 10 years. Carefully note details before you make any dig remodeling decisions. Spend most of your time in the planning phase to create the home you truly want to live in.

No Budgeting

Set up a budget dealing with remodeling specifics to ease your anxieties. Too many homeowners go over their heads and remodel without a fixed budget in mind. Accruing ridiculous amounts of debt for a remodel can force you to charge an exorbitant price for your home at the time of resale. You might even need to take out a home equity loan just to pay off the changes that you have made to your home.

Stop stressing yourself out after and even during your remodel. Be disciplined. Set up a budget.

Not Setting Realistic Expectations

Set expectations for your family, your spouse, yourself and your remodeling contractor to cover all possible bases. Each person needs to know their responsibilities and roles before the remodel takes place to create a well-oiled, functioning machine. Make sure to revisit the discussion frequently during the remodel. Everybody needs to work together to enable the renovations to proceed smoothly. Do not start your remodel until you have met with everybody to set expectations for the project

Not Setting Up a Fixed Price Contract

Minimize your changes and surprises during remodeling by setting up a fixed price contract. You will encounter enough interesting situations during a remodel process so establish a fixed price contract to avoid being blindsided. Stay away from a “time plus materials” agreement. You still might have to make changes along the way but a fixed contract remains concrete.

Having a Hazy Understanding of Your Project

Learn about exactly what you need to have done on your home. Prepare a write up detailing the work to be completed. Crystallize the project in your mind to gain a firm understanding of the remodel. Many uninformed, ignorant homeowners jump into the remodel process with little idea of what they want done and how the work will be completed.

You have little chance of effectively conveying your needs if you do not understand the remodeling process for your home. If you are keen on setting up an overhead lighting system where you currently do not have one this requires wiring to be set up behind the walls. Learn the in’s and out’s of all you need completed to present your contractor with a fair workload and receive an accurate estimate.

Kelli Cooper, writing for Chicago-based window and door installation company Gilkey, enjoys sharing home improvement tips that help people create the homes they love.

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