7 Benefits Of Sliding Glass Doors That You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

Historical enthusiasts and analysts attribute the origin of sliding doors to Japan and China. With time, these doors developed to other parts of the world and were equally popular in usage for both residences and offices. Since then people have embraced the importance and value that these doors bring. Unlike the other conventional doors, these doors have lots of functions which they bring along in the areas where they are used. They not only enhance privacy but also play a key role in other areas such as the partitioning of rooms and enhancement of both residential and office security.

Common Uses of Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a worthy investment and as pointed out above, they serve a number of functions. Below is a listing of some of these functions:

Room Dividers- sliding doors are commonly being used as room dividers. When paced between two rooms, they can effectively partition the rooms.

Wardrobe doors-in addition to them being room dividers, they can also work well as wardrobe doors; giving your wardrobe an exquisite look.

Bathroom doors- to make them function well in this role, these doors are usually structured in such a way that the class does not become foggy easily.

Apart from the above multi-functions, sliding doors have a host of benefits that they can bring to both residential setups and office premises. Some of these advantages are:

Eliminate Door Slamming

Door slamming is not only annoying but also destructive to the doors. Most of the conventional doors usually slam due to self opening or even strong winds. This makes them break or crack or even suffer from dysfunctional hinges. This can be costly maintaining them because from time to time, they have to be repaired which could be an expensive exercise. Sliding doors do not suffer from such therefore stay for quite some time without repairs.

Easy To Use

Rotating doors and other complex doors may be difficult to use especially for the elderly and the children. They can either struggle in opening them or just find some difficulty in using them. People with disability are always disadvantaged when they have to use these doors without the help of an attendant. Sliding doors however offer themselves as the best easy to use alternative that is friendly to all.

Eliminate the Possibility of Door-Related Toddler Accidents

Toddlers often become victims of door-related accidents. They may either have their hands trapped on the hinges or have their heads smashed by slamming doors. Such accidents can be of an alarming magnitude requiring the attention of a health practitioner. This is not only costly but also dangerous.

Easy To Maintain

Door maintenance is usually carried out periodically just to assess and fix any loose or damaged parts. Ordinary doors tend to become loose quickly because they slam most often thereby affecting the hinges that hold them to the door post. Depending on the material that it is made of, the door may either chip or break meaning that at the end of day repairs are needed. Sliding doors are the exactly opposite. Due to their system of opening and closing, they last long before becoming loose or even breaking hence low maintenance costs.

Gives an Opportunity for Cleaners to Assess the Interiors

Unlike the ordinary doors that once shut cannot allow even a slight opening into the house, sliding doors are structured in such a manner that even from outside, a person can be able to see the interiors. This is due to the glass that they are made of. This is very crucial especially when a cleaner wants to assess the interiors without necessarily stepping into the house.

Occupies Less Space

Compared to most doors used in offices and residences today, glass bifold doors occupy about 50% less space. Space management is very important in office building and even homes. Sliding doors are made in such a way that they open in a latitudinal format requiring no back or front space. This saves so much space that can be put to other uses.

It is Ideal for Wider Equipments

When moving things in and out of the house or office, you need wider points of entry and exit so that you do not have to struggle squeezing items through. Sliding doors have the advantage of providing a wider space that can easily allow inward and outside movement of equipments.

Alvin is a house planner who has worked with many clients both local and international. He also travels and writes articles for guest blogs. He frequents sites such as Youresecure.com.au for new ideas and inspirations.

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