Preparing for the Perfect Remodel


Home remodeling is a huge undertaking, but the end results are generally worth the hassle because at the end you can successfully create a new space that matches your personal vision.

Remodeling and renovation are exciting words. Home owners are given an opportunity to put their mark onto their homes. Whether owners purchased a track home or an older house, many people have a few things already in mind which they would modify right away.

Remodeling a home offers a way to keep the aspects of a home that you like and change other things to make your house your dream home.

Planning Stage

When it comes to adding on and renovating your home, having a blueprint plan is a non-negotiable. You must have a plan, and you will probably go through several revisions during the planning process.

First, determine the ultimate goal for your renovation. Once you know you are looking to add a loft or open up your kitchen, then you can figure out design elements to meet your vision.

As you pour through home magazines and design books, ask yourself questions like:

•Do I want vaulted ceilings?

•Do I want to save space with a wooden spiral staircase?

•Will opening space between the kitchen and living areas provide the room I want?

•What functional aspects, like a walk in pantry, do I want to include?

Even before you approach an architect and contractor, having a clear idea of what you like and what you hope to achieve in your home will ensure that you stay true to your idea and the overall purpose of the remodel.

Building Up Instead of Out

For properties without a lot of room to grow, adding up rather than out can be a fantastic solution. Increasing your home’s space by adding on top takes advantage of an already existing foundation. It will also conserve your yard.

Building up is also advantageous because there are many ways to do so. Whether converting your attic or using a high ceiling to create a second story, you can gain a lot of space from your existing home without losing anything outside.

What to Expect During Construction

Once construction is under way, prepare yourself for a lengthy process and make allowances ahead of time for potential bumps in the road. If your contractor estimates five weeks, it might be wise to plan for eight. If the builders are out in five, that is wonderful. But if construction is held up because something you want is back ordered or your contractor is overbooked or any other reason, you will be mentally prepared to continue living in the chaos of a home under construction.

Also remember that construction is noisy. There is not a lot of privacy during a renovation project because the workers are constantly going in and out of the house, talking with each other about the process and taking breaks. Plus, hammering, drilling, stapling, and electric sawing are loud.

Problems often occur during construction. Weird pipes show up in the walls. Internal damage to your structure is found and needs to be repaired before the crew can begin their work. Electrical wiring has to be completely rethought because the existing way will not reach your new addition. Know that the unexpected can and probably will happen at some point. And try to cushion both your patience and your pocket book accordingly. It would also help to hire professionals like electricians, builders, and plumbing contractors who can solve any problems you’ll encounter during the remodel. You may also rent roll off containers from dumpster rental services for the construction cleanup.

Understanding the Final Stages

The light is finally visible at the end of the tunnel. Construction is almost over and your new addition is starting to look like a real living area.

When the finishing touches are being made, start planning room color and furniture choices. During this stage, it can be slightly discouraging to wait for the little details to finally be complete. All of the little things that have to be done can seem endless, and it can kill your patience to see the product almost there but not able to use yet.

By planning out the way you envision the room, you are actively preparing for the space and keeping your excitement level up. Then, when the builders are finally finished, you will not be overwhelmed with trying to lay out the space all at once.

Home remodeling is a great way to keep the place you love while shaping it into your dream living space. Understanding the process of planning, construction and design will help you enjoy every stage of an exciting renovation.

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