Protect Your Roof with These Simple Maintenance Tips

roofersRain, snow, and wind wear down even the toughest shingles, and over time your roof risks getting damaged. Don’t wait until the damage is bad enough that you have to pay for an expensive roof replacement; catch problems ahead of time by keeping up with residential or commercial roof repair and roofing replacement. The roofing contractor in South Houston, TX is ready to come and inspect your roofing system. Spending ten minutes inspecting your roof once or twice a year will help you avoid costly payments later on.

Where to Start

Begin your roof maintenance by walking around your home and securing or completely removing any loose objects. Also, if there are any trees with loose or broken branches, trim them immediately. Items such as yard signs or large branches could potentially become airborne with high-speed winds and cause damage to the roof, although if the damage is too large, the use of roofing services as the HERO exteriors in Fort Collins could be a good choice for this as well.

Check the Edges

The corners of the roof are highly susceptible to weather damage. If you are in in need of a roofer in pittsburgh to inspect each corner thoroughly for poorly fitted or loose shingles. Also look for any cracks or signs of wear and then repair the area accordingly. This could mean something small like replacing a few shingles and resealing the area, or something larger like patching a hole. Keeping the edges strong will ensure that the rest of the roof stays intact.

Safely Examine the Rooftop

With someone to support you, use a ladder to be at the roof’s level. Check all the equipment mounted on the roof (satellite dishes, antennas, HVACs, etc.) to make sure each item is secure and sturdy. If you can move anything by hand, it needs to be fastened or it may fall off the roof and become a hazard.

Check for any signs of fungus growing on your roof. Fungus and algae commonly grow in the crevices of a roof, and can wear down and weaken the structure. If you find fungus on your roof, you can gain control of the problem and stop the growth using zinc strips specially designed to kill roof moss.

Rust is almost always inevitable on the roof, especially in older homes, but it is important to keep it to a minimum because it weakens the structure, you can check this web link to hire professional help. Use a heavy duty metal brush dipped in vinegar or rust removal to scrub away the rust. For added protection from rust build-up, paint the area with primer or sealant.

It’s also a good idea to examine the chimeny area. Chimneys often crack and crumble over time. Check your chimney and seal in any cracks or with caulking. Wondering if it’s time for you to get a roof replacement? Check out this good read on the ‘Top 3 Reasons to Invest in a New Roof‘.

Clean the Area

If you have an older home, you will want to keep as much pressure off your roof as possible. Heavy snow can actually have the ability to make a weak roof collapse. Sweep off snow build-up to keep your home safe and reduce the risk of collapse. Sweeping the area will also make it easier to detect any hidden problems with the roof structure. In the fall time, clean out the gutters and remove piles of leaves from the rooftop.

Enjoy the Benefits

Staying on top of your roof maintenance can extend the life of your roof, save money on roof repairs, and protect your home from severe weather. Your house should be one of the most important investments of your time. Don’t wait until you are stuck paying for a pricey roof repair, inspect your roof annually and fix things a little at a time.<a href=“”>Nina
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