Is Memory Foam Right For Me?

Memory foam mattresses have been around since the 1970s. They were first designed by NASA for use during space launches. The material is soft and comfortable and supports all of the pressure points on the body.

Although the foam was designed for use by a space agency, it has come into popular usage and now is used to manufacture mattresses, amongst other things.

These mattresses are very popular, but are they right for your needs? Before you go to a nearby mattress store, try to learn which kind of mattress you need.

Is Memory Foam Good For You?

Memory foam has proven beneficial for many people, as it helps support the body during sleep. But as with any changes to your sleeping arrangements, you should consult a GP before making the switch if you suffer from bone or joint problems. There are lots of options out there, like Beautyrest Mattresses for example, and some of those options might be better suited for you.

For the majority of us, though, these mattresses are incredibly comfortable. As they contour to your body you can expect softness each and every time. And unlike regular mattresses that loses its durability and gives in without any support for your body, these ones last and last.

The memory foam provides a massive amount of support for your neck, back, knees and the shoulders as well as your legs. It distributes your weight evenly so you will not wake up in the morning with stiffness or joint pain. In fact when you use memory foam you can get the best sleep of your life every night. Many of those who use memory foam report that they sleep better and get more peaceful rest when they do.

Not only does memory foam support the body and help you sleep better, it also enables you to attain that great sleep that you need to feel your best in the morning. It is so often the mattress that a person uses that affects the way they feel in the morning. So switching to a memory foam mattress could even mean you can cut out that fifth cup of coffee!

Memory Foam Disadvantages

Whilst these super-comfortable mattresses have many benefits, there are some things which could be considered disadvantages.

First of all the cost of a memory foam mattress is greater than the cost of a regular mattress. However, there are various brands available, and the brand that you choose will greatly affect the amount that you will spend for the mattress. Go for stores’ own-brand mattresses for the best deals.

Another potential disadvantage is warmth! We all want to feel warm when we sleep, but some people have reported feeling too hot when sleeping on a foam mattress. So if you are particularly prone to overheating when you sleep, memory foam may not be for you – or you may have to switch a high-tog duvet for a thinner type.

The Bottom Line

There are both pros and cons associated with memory foam mattresses. You should weigh the pros and the cons before you decide if you want to make the change. Some people swear by the firm, springy feel of a regular mattress, but I bet even they’d be convinced after a few nights sleeping on memory foam. However, don’t forget that there are many options out there, a lot of people prefer a Queen Murphy Bed instead. 

Lousia Jenkins is a blogger specialising in automobiles, interior design and loads of other fun subjects. She recommends memory foam from Dunelm.

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