Claim Your Right To Drink Pure And Clean Water

Clean water

It is really much advisable one to drink clean and pure water after treating the water with water filters and especially with yentuce 9000 turbo water-filters.

Without clean and safe water many people (around 800 million) are suffering from water borne diseases like cholera and dysentery and every 22 seconds a child dies out from these issues. The tap water or the water which is not clean might be a resident to thousands of bacteria and also there could be 300+ chemicals and pollutants. Even the heavy metals which cause much illness are dissolved in the water and it should be removed before drinking. The heavy metals might cause many indigestion problems and many other health problems. It is good to use the good and quality water purifiers for drinking water. It is not advisable to drink water without purifying it.

Uses of alkaline and acidic water

Drinking 2 to 3 glasses of alkaline water early in the morning or 2 to 3 hours after meal would help to neutralize the acid condition and helps to improve health. The acidity and free toxic radicals are very harmful. The cancer cells grow faster in acidic pH. Drinking alkaline water helps to keep acidity in the body in check. Also the alkaline water increases the metabolism and helps to cut the obesity. The vegetables soaked in alkaline water would help to remove pesticides, fertilizer and other harmful chemicals. Nowadays no fruits or vegetables are grown without the help of pesticides or fertilizer which is not good for health.

Acidic water could be used for many purposes. One of the major uses of the acidic water is that it is a best skin toner. This could be used to wash the face and the body which would deep cleanse the skin. This water sterilizes the dishes and hence could be used to clean the dishes and vessels.  The antiseptic properties of the acidic water could heal the inflammations on gums, burn wounds. It could be also used for antiseptic and sterilization purpose.

Use of turbo water filter

The turbo water filter works on the principle of water ionizing. The water ionizer helps to bring down the pollutants and give clean drinking water. More than removing the contaminations in water, the ionizer helps to obtain various states of alkaline water and acidic water along with H2o which helps in penetrating into the cells faster and easier. With the smaller particles and easy penetration qualities this water helps to retain the hydration level in the cells and helps to reap the benefits of pure water which we could get from the pristine mountain springs. Also more antioxidant properties are included in this water which helps in anti-ageing also. The oxygen rich water helps to maintain the cells healthily. If you are planning to install one for your home, make sure to contact expert plumbers for professional assistance and while they work on purifying the water you can focus on eliminating any dirty water from your home, this can easily be done by doing some septic tank pumping, if you don’t have any supplies for this procedure then consider contacting a Septic vacuum pump supplier.

This turbo water filter could give alkaline, acidic and pure and healthy water in touch of a button. An LCD panel with touch screen is provided for options. This has a wonderful chrome finish with styling features.

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