6 vibrant 1950 classic restrooms — The Comer Residence in Gallatin, Tenn.

vintage pastel bathroomsTucked in to a historical farmhouse in Tn —  now house to the Sumner County Conference & Visitors Bureau — are a rainbow of seven classic pale restrooms. The building is recognized nowadays as ‘The Comer Residence’ after the Comer family, which demolished the initial 1850 farm house down to the base and reconstructed it between 1949 and 1951. The residence itself is striking, but-its most astounding feature is the range of colour and tile patterns uncovered in the dwelling’s seven restrooms that have given people inspiration to remodel their own bathroom. While getting prepared for a bathroom remodel you have to think of everything, just like the dwelling’s did. If you are going to be doing a complete bathroom remodel, where are you going to do your necessities? When people say think of everything, they mean absolutely every possibility and if you need a solution for that one then you can always get a portable toilet rental. 

crane plumbing fixtures Could be. See our 24-page Crane Plumbinb catalogue from 1949 here — substance from Pam’s private group. If perhaps not Crane, they’re certainly American-Common. Who’s a specialist? What would you believe?

burgundy-wall-sink#1 Persian Red and Grey – The first restroom on the tour was a half-bath in maroon and off-white. I will notice that the baths have newer lavatories — most likely as a result of water use conditions.


mint-green-retro-bathroom#2 Ming and Yellowish – The next toilet was a wonderful ming green, dark-green, white and yellowish complete toilet with a conventional bathtub (not depicted). It seems to me like when the home was remodeled, the Comer family should have decided one design of fixtures — same footed wall sink, tubs and taps — and ordered them in every colour. We adore this matchy-matchy magic trick: Even although each bath uses distinct tiles and colours — there’s a continuity to the toilets as a whole due to the repeat in fashion of the fixtures, components and also the mirrored dressing tables — offering the home great design awareness. It’s the tile colours that actually recognize each toilet’s character.

decorative-vintage-liner-tileThe lining tile reminded me of the stash of NOS ornamental “sizzle strips” available for sale on E Bay that we highlighted here on the site a couple of months back. It’s fine to see some of those amazing cosmetic tiles in use outside in the crazy – they’re magnificent! And notice in the photograph above, how a cosmetic sizzle strip supplies a tremendous transition in the light area tile to the darker bull nose. Amazing aspect design work!

mint-green-retro-sinkEach of the toilets that are complete had tiled that is double -in a toothbrush holder place in proper over the sink and soap dishes. An amber glass soap dispenser can help so much in making the bathroom sink be more aesthetically pleasing.

mint-green-and-ivory-tile-floorThis classic pale and green yellow octagon and dot flooring had me wanting these colour blends were easily accessible. Delay. Does Chippy have some choices such as this at Planet of Tile? Possibly.  Inquire! This flooring would be perfect in my own classic mint green toilet.

pink-and-grey-vintage-bathroom#3 Pink and Gray – Subsequently there was the pink and gray total toilet — so quite. What a colour blend that is exceptional. Pam states it’s her favorite of them all, for a pink toilet.

pink-cinderella-tub-retroIt even had a Cinderella bathtub. I mentioned my own pink toilet at house to the girl who labored in the workplace with the pink toilet. She was delighted to discover about my attempts and exclaimed that she definitely adored her cute pink workplace toilet — although I’m sure she’s never had the chance to to use the Cinderella bathtub.

grey-and-white-vintage-tile-floorThe bluish gray and white octagon and dot floor tile was still another joyful detail in the amazing 1950 pink toilet.

vintage-blue-wall-sink#4 Lovely Blue – The next complete toilet was a blue and white mix with a typical bathtub.

blue-and-white-liner-tileIt had ornamental lining tiles in a blue and white tulip design.

vintage-white-floorThe flooring in the blue toilet was really understated — a straightforward white — but tile design made it appear anything but typical. That is a fantastic flooring — multi-directional — would be amazing to reproduce in a toilet today.

mint-green-cinderella-tub#5 Ming and Black – Still Another ming green toilet was next — this time with a green and black tile blend and another Cinderella bathtub.

vintage-shower-faucet-handlesThe bathrooms all had the same fashion of fixtures for the taps and components that is other. The contour of it’s therefore intriguing — and I was delighted to see the initial faucets nevertheless in use.

vintage-showerhead Can you assume the handle turns on the shower-head or on the shower-head corrects the stream of water?

vintage-green-floorThe green flooring wasn’t an exact fit for the bathtub, sink and wall tile — but was fascinating however. The layout reminds me of the flooring for my master bathroom re-model – College Pink from Merola tile.

yellow-vintage-wall-sink#6 — Butterscotch and Butter – The last toilet I toured was a complete washroom with buttery yellow and brick-red tile.

yellow-and-rust-vintage-bathIt’d the taps as the bathrooms and a standard-size yellow bathtub that is buttery.

vintage-plaid-tile-floorThe real show-stopper was the enchanting tile flooring, which reminded me of some of the plaid tile designs in the classic 1929 Freidrichsen Flooring & Wall Tile catalogue. This was my personal favorite flooring pattern of the group — it introduced all the shades of the toilet together so nicely and actually gave a personalized feel to the area.

Mega thanks goes out to Kelley Dickey, Administrative Assistant at the Sumner County Conference & Visitors Bureau for consenting to give me a particular access tour of the fantastic classic toilets at the Comer Residence — along with the dwellers of the workplaces who didn’t believe it unusual that I needed to photograph their baths. Thanks for alerting me to an amazing set of classic toilets to my Mother.

Subscribers — which bath is the favorite?

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