Give Fresh Look to Your Home With Less

Home is the place where people enjoy their personal life. So having home improvement is always what people trying to do. Everyone have their own opinions on how to have home improvement. And they do have these ideas in their interior design. But not everyone knows how to have home improvement with less money. Here are some home improvement tips to help you decorating your home with less.

Rearrange furniture

Maybe the easiest and most cheap way to have home improvement is to rearrange the furniture. People will feel boring when they have to face the same thing or live in the same environment everyday. Changing the placement of home furniture can create a different look quickly and cheaply without spending money. New living environment can make people feel exciting and be energetic to life and work. This is the same to travel in a beautiful and unfamiliar place after working in the same place for a long time.

Wall gallery

As the digital product and smart phone become common item for people, photo shooting can be seen everywhere. So you must have many photos in your computer and smart phone. Do not let them be antique for your children. Choosing some nice one and print them out. Shopping photo frames from online furniture store to create special photo gallery. With different size, colour and shape, you can hang the photo according to your preference.

Craft décor 

For those who love DIY in their spare time, craft décor can be a good way to improve their home look. A creative person is always good at find the point in life. Some useless items will become treasure in their hands.


Vase is very common in our daily life. There are different size, texture, colour and material for you to choose. Water-proof paper made vase, glass vase, ceramic vase, plastic vase, bamboo vase……. The water-proof made vase can be an interesting DIY home décor. You can make vase totally by your thoughts with glue to keep it in form. They can be used to grow flower as other vase. Glass vase and some Decorative Colored Glass Balls can be the best partner for dining table, computer table and decoration cabinet. Large sized and colourful vase with special texture is good choice for corridor and doorway and rooms with large space. When you feel the room is dull in decoration, large colourful vase can make your space have the feeling of “wow”.

Plants and flower

Plants not only can be decoration for your home, but also can purify the air in your home. They can act as organic oxygen producer. But you should be careful when choosing plants and flower for your home. There are some plants is not suit to place indoor for it will release toxic substance.

Refurnish furniture

Be boring of your current furniture? The furniture in your home is old, the paint begin to peel, the colour pale. Here is the solution for it. Refurnish the old furniture to give it new look. But you must have much spare time and know the technique for how to do it.


Slipcover can give your furniture a new fresh look quickly. And it’s washable. You can choose the colour and texture according to season and your personal preference.

Home improvement is a creative work. Just be curious about life and you will get many home improvement ideas.

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