Meghan and Will’s mid century contemporary ‘Jetsons’ kitchen re-model

50s-modern-kitchen-remodelTake a look-back at all of the subscriber home remodeling testimonies we’ve coated and you’ll find one common motif regularly surfaces: Unless the redevelopment is Do-It-Yourself, most householders should convince their contractors they aren’t-nuts for seeking to assemble 1950s pink toilet or a ’60s kitchen. Nevertheless, in the instance of of Meghan and her spouse Will’s 1954 Florida ranch house kitchen re-model, the astonishing reverse holds true. The few were prepared to re-model their kitchen utilizing comparatively modern-day finishes until Jason, their wood-worker, determined he simply couldn’t assemble a modern kitchen around the showpiece of the area — the few’s professionally restored 1950s classic Universal cooker.


Meghan’s kitchen before

restored-vintage-stoveAll the wonderful “after” pictures are by  Philip Marcel Images, utilized with authorization  :)

mid-century-retro-kitchenJason’s ultimatum was excellent news to Meghan, who’d attempted to persuade her partner to go retro in the very start. His notion worked — once Will imagined a great, space-age kitchen where cocktails would be shaken — maybe not stirred — he warmed to the thought of producing a retro contemporary kitchen.

boomerang-laminate-countertops A light and ethereal white, pale blue and gray color scheme makes the area feel bigger, more open and clear while additionally permitting the classic cooker that is refurbished to take center-stage. As an additional plus, making a number of changes to the kitchen’s lay out additionally permitted Meghan and Will do almost double their kitchen cupboard space for storage.

zig-zag-kitchen-soffitmid-century-pendant-lightsThe wood cupboards were customized and painted a light-blue to mimic the design of classic steel cupboards, but merely behind their retro facade, contemporary comforts like under cupboard lighting, tons of space for storage for big pots and pans, concealed garbage and recycling bins, lazy susans and peaceful shut drawer and door mechanisms ensure that Meghan and Will’s 1950s kitchen has all the conveniences of a 2014 kitchen.

boomerang-laminate-countertops-retroThe couple also determined to use new technologies to install an under mount sink in their own laminate counter-tops — producing it simple for their sake to wipe crumbs and spills in to the sink.

retro-kitchen-cabinetsMeghan trusts to displace their side by side stainless fridge with a new retro-style GE Artistry icebox in the close future, but besides that the couple cannot be more thrilled with their retro contemporary Jetsons kitchen remodel.

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Meghan — a self-described “regaining journalist” has written widely about her retro contemporary kitchen re-model around on her website Metaphors Blended.

Resources to produce this brilliant retro contemporary kitchen re-model

Even better though is that Meghan and Will finally determined to go with this vibrant — however elegant — retro movement.

Mega thanks to Meghan for sharing her kitchen remodeling storyline with us — again, to examine her total accounts, head-on up to her private site, Metaphors Blended. Another tremendous thanks goes out to Philip Marcel Images for allowing permission to feature each of the “after” photographs of Meghan’s kitchen here on Retro Renovation.

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