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uncovering-original-floorHOGT-graphicMike and Lindsey were therefore keen to see whether there was lovely first terrazzo flooring under the miles of wall-to-wall carpet in their “new” 1964 Edward Durell Stone “Home of Excellent Flavor” that after they closed, they got a quick beeline to pull-up the carpeting. Much to their joy, they uncovered a heap of terrazzo flooring in excellent structural problem — even though there were also a couple of unexpected surprised hiding under all that creme carpet.

mid-century-terrazzo-flooringMike writes:

Prior to purchasing the dwelling the first terrazzo floors were hiding under the carpeting we understood. Unable to get proof of the state, and just able to get a little peak by pulling straight back a large part of the carpeting, we held our fingers crossed they were in sound condition, prayed, and hoped. We understood that refinishing good terrazzo wouldn’t be a massive deal, but mending terrazzo that was significantly broken is a huge expensive endeavor. We actually headed directly to the home after closing to pull the rug up and discover what were were coping with…

mid-century-living-roomAs we revealed some of the terrazzo we’d actually noticed each portion of rug we pulled back created a massive sigh of relief. A brilliant white base with black flecks. Although it was yellowed, exceptionally filthy, and covered in carpet pad paste, it was in great condition. What confounded us were all of the square paint lines on the flooring… it took us a moment to find out what these were… but we recognized that somebody should have chosen all the doors in the kitchen cupboards, laid them from the ground, and continued to paint them straight on the terrazzo!!! I will only image that which was gong through their head, “who cares, no one will actually desire to see these awful floorings anyhow”


remodeling-work-in-progressOur general aims with this redevelopment comprise giving the home a classic feel, therefore that regardless of whether it’s 50 years past, current day, or 50 years from now, points simply “sense” right.

The home was last up-dated in the late 80′s, and we anticipate skinning back the internal layers while maintaining its fantastic bones complete. Hopefully you enjoy this trip with us. We welcome all opinions, ideas, and criticisms on the way :)

Whole redo, but with same fundamental layout.

Walls and ceilings
Scrape popcorn and every inch floated out totally smooth. [Precautionary Pam reminds: make sure to work with a correctly authorized professional to ascertain whether there’s any classic nastiness including lead or asbestos in the surfaces and levels of your home before remodeling!]

Recover the terrazzo and new flooring in all the non-terrazzo spaces.

Doors and trim
Change all doors and reduce throughout.

New ambient and accent lights throughout. The light, outside of the enormous skylight does small for a residence that’s so much to display.

Whole redo.

Maybe Not touching them at this stage, they sufficient as will be to live with for now. Gotta abandon some jobs for the years that are forthcoming right?

Outside and landscape
Outside does not actually want much besides some paint touch-up, and thinking about landscaping as of this point would make our heads burst.

But first things first… DEMO!!!


Congratulations, Lindsey and Mike on the terrazzo! that is amazing

Ack! I certainly expect Mike and Lindsey — with the aid of their correctly accredited professionals — can tidy up their amazing terrazzo floors and make them appear just like new. Mike and Lindsey — It seems like you might have your hands full with that extended listing of endeavors – I for one am super thrilled to see how your dwelling advances over the following several weeks. Thanks again for delivering another installation of the “Home of Excellent Flavor” chronicles and keep up the great work and upgrades.

Mike and Lindsey will be distributing narratives about their “Home of Excellent Flavor” restoration as it advances:

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