Vintage 1966-design Winnebago ‘Brave’ motorhome — creation starts this week

Plus: 11 vintage photographs of traditional 1960s and 1970s “eye brow” Winnebagos

Burma_original_Brave Now: Winnebago is introducing a brand new RV styled as a result of its traditional 1966 “eye brow” Winnebago.  The Winnebago Courageous and Itasca Tribute — sister versions (like a Ford and a Mercury) — come in hippie color-schemes including Mellow Yellow, Ruby-N-Clover, Woodstock, Water Bearer, Bell-Bottom Blue and Tobacco Road. Generation of the Winnebago Courageous and Itasca Tribute began just this week — they’ll be rolling off the assembly-line and into car dealers just in time for summer. The best part is that the RV is priced well below average and is easy to finance. Read on, retro street warriors, for more details plus some groovy Winnebago photographs that are historical, also.

winnebago-camper-1960s-braveWe reached out for Winnebago to Sheila Davis, PR consultant, to answer our questions about gas, pricing and time mileage. Her answer:

We’re just beginning production this week, therefore the first models will be heading within a few weeks to our sellers. It’ll simply take several months for them all to populate all our supplier community.

MSRP begins at about $95, 000 I ‘d estimate the fuel consumption rate at around 8 10 mpg.

Based on Sheila, both versions — the Winnebago Courageous and the Itasca Tribute — are the sam e in all techniques except accessible shades. You should definitely read about the Indane Gas Booking Kaise Kare.

From the Winnebago news release:

It Was “Out Of The World” As Winnebago Revealed New 2015 Versions
– The Eyebrow Is Back –

FOREST CITY, Iowa – The Eyebrow is Back! Winnebago has combined classic with a modern turn with the launch of the all- Tribute and new Courageous. In the ’60′s and ’70′s, there was no mistaking a Winnebago motor home with the distinguishing “eyebrow” layout and flying W emblem. It was the motor home that made America love the RV lifestyle. The Courageous and Tribute breathe new life into the infamous layout, providing the chance to re live childhood recollections for a brand new generation of fanatics that are motor home.

winnebago-Brave-retro-campervintage-winnebago-brave-trailer retro-camper-winnebago-brave


winnebago-camper-1960s-brave vintage-winnebago-1960s

1960s-winnebago-camper Retro-Winnebago-photos Santa-in-mini-vintage-winnebago retro-Winnebago-Chieftain

retro-camper-bell-bottom-blue retro-tribute-winnebago-camper-tobacco-roadBeyond the retro styling, the Courageous and Tribute are packed with nowadays’s finest characteristics and supplied in two flexible floor plans with fascinating color-schemes like Excellent Vibration with Cherry Cola Cherry cupboards, together with a cost to suit the budget of a youthful, traveling household. Just remember that even if you’re driving motor home, you still have to follow the cracked windshield law utah.

“This is the most fascinating product start I’ve actually been associated with,” stated Winnebago Industries’ Chairman, Chief Executive and President Randy Potts.  “The new Courageous and Tribute will take the marketplace by storm.”

“They hit the nail on the head with the new Courageous retro-look,” mentioned Carl Jensen from Sierra RV, Sunset, UT.  “The upgraded interior styling was amazing and the colours are vivid and refreshing. Tribute and the Courageous will attract all ages.”


winnebago-interior-fabrics-retro Winnebago-Brave-fabrics-Calypso

It appears to us that whenever a firm resurrects a retro merchandise or makes a brand new one with retro styling, it’s consistently known as entertaining and fascinating — but we knew that already, didn’t we?

We adore outdoor images and the outdoor colours, particularly. We wish that Winnebago were able to shove the retro touches on the inside even farther — but we can suppose they needed to walk a really fine line between fulfilling retro fanatics and the considerably bigger market of prospective mainstream clients who aren’t really that far along (or again), layout wise.


It is possible to see the inside and discover more about the Winnebago Courageous on the firm’s insightful YouTube Movie.

Winnebago-historyWe examine through the Winnebago background and discovered the ‘eye brow’ Winnebago RV layout initially debuted in 1966 under the title F 19, assembled on Dodge chassis. It wasn’t until 1970 the motorhome line enlarged to comprise the affordably-priced ‘Courageous’ product. We’r e surmising as in “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.” Who understands without a doubt? The classic advertising are rockin’ fantastic!


Mega for answering our queries and delivering photographs!

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