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  • 6 Ways To Makeover Your Home With Textile Printing

    Home makeovers are a great way to update your home’s interior and give it a fresh look. Whether you decide to do this when your house begins feeling dated, or you’ve decided to put it on the market, a home makeover can take your house from boring to beautiful! Textile printing has given homeowners an […]

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    So You Want To Be A Contractor

    Saying that you want to be a contractor is probably one of the most vague, general statements you could make about a career. By definition, a contractor works on a project by project basis from a contract. A independent contractor provides services to a company, who is doing work for a homeowner or business or […]

  • The Top Color Combinations of 2014

    In home decoration, one of the easiest ways to have a room jump out to the senses is a fresh splash of color.  Painting a room brown, however, may not be the best way to make something stand out, unless that something is the essence of brown, in which case go for it! Not to […]

  • The Bedroom Chronicles

    The decision to redesign your master bedroom can present many challenges.  However, the ideas that accompany the desire to do so come as swiftly as the days.  There are many ways to remodel the most intimate and personal area of your home.  The key to creating your dream bedroom is actually held within your innermost […]

  • What to Consider When Buying Granite

      Granite adds elegance and durability to any kitchen or bathroom and often costs less than other remodeling projects. If your counter tops are a dull, boring laminate, granite may be just the thing your home needs for an updated look. Whether you are improving your counter tops to sell your home or just to […]

  • Reclaiming Wood, The Planet, And Your Living Space.

    Wooden furniture remains extremely popular despite the great costs that are associated with it. Besides the monetary expense, wooden furniture comes at a great price to our planet. Not only are forests getting smaller at the expense of countless species, but the shipping of lumber across the world’s oceans has an impact on the environment […]