How Custom Kitchens in Oakville Are Reaching New Extremes



From banking barons to real estate tycoons, the Toronto suburb of Oakville has become somewhat of a posh playground for Canada’s elite. Driving along Oakville’s waterfront is quite the treat! Majestic mansions with manicured gardens are a common sight on the neighbourhood’s tree-lined streets. The price tags on some of these fancy digs are enough to put Toronto’s Rosedale and Bridlepath neighbourhoods to shame. Although many of the homes in Oakville are relatively new (given the suburb’s recently developed subdivisions), families in this area are constantly looking to update their living spaces — particularly the kitchen. Make your kitchen your own way with custom home builder services.

Some custom homes have reached new heights in Oakville. What was once considered luxury is now the standard. Granite countertops and custom cabinetry are features that are found in most Oakville-area kitchens. Homeowners are now looking for a variety of other luxurious features, including custom home-designed range hoods and imported materials from across the globe.

Mosaic Tiling

Generic backsplashes were once purchased at big-box stores for relatively good value. However, many contractors note that Oakville residents are opting for more unique tiling, especially in the way of mosaics. Mosaics offer an eclectic feel as no two tiles are ever alike. Italy, Spain, and Portugal are known for its mosaic offerings – pretty much guaranteeing that no other Canadian household will have a backsplash quite like yours.

Sophisticated Lighting

For many Oakville homeowners, the standard kitchen chandelier just won’t do. Crystal lighting and candelabras have become a thing of the past. Chandeliers have become the focal point for high-end kitchens, especially when the cooking and dining areas have been merged into one open-concept space. Kitchen renovations are all about changing up the atmosphere and that can often be accomplished by replacing a standard lighting fixture with something a bit more unique.  Whether they’re aiming for glamour or rustic, it’s safe to say Oakville homeowners take their lighting fixtures very seriously!

Recessed Ceilings and Paneling

Etched walls and ceilings were often reserved for living and dining areas. However, Oakville residents have brought this aesthetic concept to a whole new level. Soaring cathedral ceilings with recessed designs can now be found in the home kitchen, which is bringing depth and texture to what would otherwise be a boring interior. Customized recesses are very expensive, but no expense is ever spared in some of Oakville’s finest homes, and many provide custom kitchen designs in Oakville. Pot lights and high-quality lighting fixtures are then added for a luxurious touch.

Kitchen Peninsulas

Forget the breakfast bar, kitchen peninsulas are all the rage these days. These ‘islands’ offer more than just an extra countertop to prepare your meals. The peninsula triggers the glamourous bar vibe not seen in many household kitchens. Its sharp lines are often complemented with comfy seating and soft lighting. These elongated spaces will encourage your guests to linger as you serve cocktails and appetizers in this swanky setting!

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