6 Ways To Makeover Your Home With Textile Printing

Home makeovers are a great way to update your home’s interior and give it a fresh look. Whether you decide to do this when your house begins feeling dated, or you’ve decided to put it on the market, a home makeover can take your house from boring to beautiful!

Textile printing has given homeowners an inexpensive and easy way to give their home a full makeover. Textile printing is versatile and easily applied to all areas of the house, making it the perfect solution for updating your home’s interior.


Benefits of Textile Printing

Textile printing involves the application of designs and colours to fabric. This is similar to the process of dyeing, but differs in that the print is applied only to certain parts of the material being used.

Textile printing can be done in limited numbers, making it a great option for one-of-a-kind applications. As a result, the interior design industry has begun to use textile printing as an integral part in their work.

It can be used with materials such as blended textiles, polyester, or Lycra. The high quality prints that can be obtained with a wide variety of materials make it an ideal choice for home makeovers.

The following are 6 ways to makeover your home with textile printing.

  1. Curtains and CarpetsTextile printing can give you a customized look to your home by mixing and matching curtains with carpets.

  1. Sofas and CushionsOld sofas and cushions are brought back to life with quality textile printing. This saves you from the expense of investing in new furniture to replace outdated items. Some sofa stores like SofaClub offer express delivery for tons of cheap sofas.

  1. Carpet, Walls and Floors –  Carpets can be expensive but you can get professional Carpet Cleaning services to clean your old carpet to ensure you have clean looking carpets. The curtains and carpets, your home’s walls and floors can also be enhanced through textile prints. This is especially useful for more minimal designs and small spaces.

  1. Lighting Design – Textile prints can be used to decorate lamps, giving you the flexibility to play with light. Using various prints and fabrics, you’re lighting design options are practically limitless.

  1. Table CoversDining areas are one of the most important locations in the home. Personalize your dining table with textile prints to easily accommodate for special occasions or holidays.

  1. Hanging FabricFor lofts and other large open spaces, textile printing can be used to create hanging fabrics. These make beautiful partitions that can easily transform your loft into an entirely new space.

One of the biggest benefits of using textile printing is the ability to give you any look you want for your home. This makes your home transformation easily suit your tastes and mood.

How you decorate your home is a way of expressing your own unique style. Using textile printing lets you make a real statement with the look and feel of your home.

It can also be a more earth-friendly solution for those who are concerned about the use of resources. Textile printing lets you recycle your home’s furniture and accessories, making it the perfect choice for saving money and the environment.

The possibilities that you get with textile printing extend far beyond those listed here. Consulting with a professional textile printing company will open up new ideas that you can use to recreate your living environment. You’ll get much more out of your home for much longer!

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