New Home: Making your kitchen reflect your style for less

Moving in to a new home is supposed to be one of the most exciting, self-fulfilling things you can do. It can however, become quite expensive when it comes to putting your own stamp on the décor. There are plenty of ways in which you can make the current rooms reflect your style in a cost effective manner. It would be simply too good to be true if everything already worked perfectly and you were completely happy with the design of your new home, and it can be really fun playing around with what you have and making sure it’s exactly how you want it to be.

The kitchen is the second most used room in the home, after the living room. Many people look upon the kitchen as the hardest, most expensive project when moving in to a new home, however it really doesn’t have to be, for example you can use spice jar labels that will keep your spices organized. Take a step back and look at your kitchen as it stands and decide what you want to get out of your kitchen remodeling project, for example do you want to add dining space, extra worktops, hidden appliances etc., and then plan where you want things to go. Once you have an idea on what your kitchen needs to be like to ensure you get the most from it, you can get to work on making it reflect your personal style. You may also consider consulting kitchen remodeling experts if you are having a hard time thinking of a design that will suit your taste.

The first thing to consider when re-designing your kitchen is the theme. Dependant on what style you want to go for, there’s a varied range of colour schemes that can be used to create a certain style or impression. Granite countertops always look nice, click here to see it. If you go for an ethnic inspired colour scheme from teal blue, khaki and bright yellow then your kitchen will highlight that you’re interested in culture and ethnic designs. Whereas if you go for black and white, a sense of sophistication and confidence will be portrayed. The best way, for me, is to work from the bottom upwards. By doing this you can start with the challenging items such as the flooring, walls and cabinets and then you can focus on the detailing and Transperant wall furnishings that you wish to add.

When deciding on the main features of the kitchen, flooring, cabinets and walls, think about your theme. If you’re going for a traditional or eclectic style on your kitchen remodeling project, then you may wish to consider wooden flooring, it’s great for giving a homely feel to the room as well as adding character and personality. For a modern or contemporary theme, consider marble flooring, this adds style and sophistication to the room and is also perfect for keeping clean. Your walls should tie together with the cabinets and flooring, try not to go to dark with the wall décor, there’s always room to go darker with your cupboard doors but you don’t want the walls to be too heavy. Creams, pale colours and whites are always a good choice for any kitchen wall, this created a fresh, crisp feel to the room, with a simple base you can add character and statements with your choice in the kitchen units and accessories. When it comes to your kitchen cupboards, you may feel you need to replace the whole thing and start over, which can become very costly. There’s no need to remove the whole suite, if you aren’t keen on the colour or style then why not consider purchasing some replacement kitchen doors, these come in a wide range of colours and styles so you can put your personal touch in without having to save up for a whole new kitchen. There are a few different types of cabinets that you could go for, again with a traditional look you may wish to consider classic painted Roma doors, or if you’re wanting a modern effect then take a look at Shaker units or high gloss. There really are so many different types out there and by only replacing the doors, you’re saving yourself extra money that you can put towards new items to use in your kitchen!

Now that you’ve done the hard part, you can concentrate on the details. This is by far my favourite part, there’s nothing better than trailing through shop after shop looking for little items that will make your kitchen that little bit different. Start with appliances, think about what you need or what you don’t already have. If you decide to replace or rebuy any items consider purchasing matching items, this always looks great and adds an organised feel to the design. Then you have the extra details such as a dining space, if you wish to add a small table and chairs to the corner or centre of the kitchen then you now have the option to use the room for dining as well as cooking, and with the kitchen being one of the most used rooms, a dining or seating space is always a good idea especially if you like having friends round for a coffee and a catch up.

The final part in adding your touch to your kitchen is the additional details. By additional details I mean miscellaneous items that make your kitchen more personal to you. Think about what you enjoy, if you’re into baking you may want to add a nice set of scales to the countertop, maybe some good cookbooks to display on a shelf or even a little chalk board for recipe notes. If you prefer neat and tidy displays then you may want to consider a herb spice rack with labels, different boxes to store items or a cupboard filled with different containers with special labels on each. You can really experiment with your details to suit your personality and needs, have fun with choosing different items that will emphasise the style of your kitchen as well as personal style. If you opt to hire a professional when it comes to designing your kitchen with satisfying results, Let 1 Stop Cabinets help you with your kitchen remodeling project.

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