Classic Bedrooms: How to Use a Neutral Colour Palette in Exciting Ways


In this modern world, where people’s choices reflect their taste and preferences, the choice of your home décor becomes essentially important, especially in the case of modern bedrooms. This is because your bedroom is your personal space and your choice of colour, décor, interiors reflect the kind of personality you have. Here’s how you can use a neutral colour palette in exciting ways for a classic bedroom.

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Luxury Furniture in India is booming. People today, not only want a spacious house but also want a house interior designed according to their interests and preferences. While there’s a wide range of colours that one could go for, choosing to opt for neutral colours gives an individual the liberty to play around with soft yet contemporary colours. Dealers of Luxury Furniture in Delhi believe that choosing to for a neutral colour palette not only adds a distinct personality to your bedroom but also makes a statement that you like simplicity.

Here’s how you can use a neutral colour palette in exciting ways for a classic bedroom.

Soft Shades:

Soft hues like beige, pastel, greys etc. have a tranquil and peaceful effect on the entire house. These shades make the house look elegant and contemporary. Opt for décor ideas keeping these colour variants in mind. One of the best attributes of going for soft colours is that they are always in vogue. If it feels like you need some vibrancy, all you got to do is add a few colourful pillows and curtains.

The use of soft shades not just gives your bedroom a fresh and cosy vibe, the choice of these colours will also make your room look bigger. The important thing to remember is to play with the design. If you start out with a soft shade, add patterns and touches as you go along to create symmetry. You can also play with sheets and blankets, the ones from are great.

When working on a soft shade scale and while you mix textures it’s important to keep in mind essential factors like the light and the direction, the room and its windows are facing.

Black and White Shades:

Black and White is one of the safest colour options while choosing to revamp your house. Considering the fact that Black And White stripes never go out of trend, it’s a safe bet to use them if you are not looking to redo the house for some years. This colour palette added to your furnishings will give a new dimension to your home.

Brown and Grey Undertones:

Brown and grey undertones blend well with the natural surroundings. Adding a shock of a lovely pink colour to the room with Brow and Grey Undertone with will give the room an exemplary look. A perfect blend of modern and fashionable furnishings and accessories will add to the overall personality of the room.

Luxury Furniture in India is on an all-time high. People looking to revamp their house have a wide array of options and patterns to choose from. There are a lot of consultants, furnishing houses and interior decorators that can help you with your choice of décor.

However, if you are looking for designer furniture in Delhi, your safe bet will be doing a detailed research before finalizing your colours.

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