Cowhide Footstools – Beautifully Resilient and Unique

Incorporating natural materials and elements into home decor is one of the hottest trends on the market. Cowhide furniture has been growing in popularity because of the rustic feel it offers while maintaining luxurious texture. It has even made its way to the footstool, a staple of home décor. Each cowhide footstool is unique offering a subtle touch of casual personality but with high-class sophistication.

Be Unique

Each piece of furniture covered in real cowhide carries a unique pattern found only on that specific piece. Like people, and cows, no two will be exactly the same. A cowhide footstool can be the perfect rustic touch to a modern décor scheme or a focal point in a traditional setting. Cowhide can blend in or stand out depending on the chosen hide.

Natural Color and Texture

Inviting natural elements into the home adds texture and a natural pop of color. Colors can range from a dark or dappled gray to rich browns and blacks and many colors in between. White color schemes can be perfectly accented by a black and white cowhide piece. While brown and white maybe the perfect colors to match beautiful hardwood floors. The natural pattern and texture of each cowhide has a western charm that creates a welcoming atmosphere.


Cowhide is highly resilient and durable, withstanding prolonged heavy use. However, cowhide provides more than just a practical solution to high-traffic areas of the home. It has visual appeal and functionality that is hard to beat with synthetic materials. Cowhide rugs or throws can be used in high traffic areas. While a cowhide footstool won’t have feet walking on it, it certainly needs to be able to last if used for feet or as extra seating.

Stain Resistant

Keeping furniture clean is a high priority, especially a footstool which can potentially have a lot of use. A home should be able to be lived in, yet still have a put together, polished appearance when company arrives. Cowhide is naturally stain resistant. There is no need worry about children or guests ruining beautiful cowhide furniture because nature made it to withstand weather and far worse things than food or body fluid stains. For most spills or stains a damp cloth is enough to clean the affected area. It’s best to avoid harsh chemicals and cleaners as well as to wipe in the direction the hair lays to prevent damage to the hair or hide.

When it comes to beauty, durability, and one-of-a-kind pieces, cowhide furniture is hard to beat. It offers practical benefits with the design features that give a home instant character. The structure of a cowhide footstool takes the unpredictable, organic nature of the hide and gives it purpose, shape, and form to fit the feeling and presence of a well-designed home.

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