What Kind of Caulk Should be Used on a House Exterior

The exteriors of our homes are beaten and battered by the elements all year-round. The summer months are humid and warm. Wood, metal, and even siding expand just a little bit, unseen to your eye but certainly felt by the material. In the winter months, after the humidity leaves, everything becomes dry, and the plummeting […]

11 Ideas for a Well-lit Outdoor Space

When it comes to outdoor spaces, lighting is but the key to inducing a vibe. A well-lit space can be the perfect place to relax or entertain guests. With the right lighting, your backyard may be transformed into an extra living space that you can use at night. Incorporating the correct lighting into your outdoor […]

Backyard Patio Designs for 2021

Designing your backyard patio for your house does not need to be a chore. In fact, with the help of many available designs, you will likely find the one that is perfect for your needs. With everything from natural-looking designs to creating zones, the backyard design ideas we have below will surely inspire you. Try […]

8 Tips to Ensure a Successful Self-Leveling Underlayment Application

Although the name Self Levelling Concrete makes it sound like it’s something that can magically do everything on its own without you having to take care of anything, that’s not really the case. There are certain things you need to stay mindful of if you want to ensure that your application of the self-leveling underlayment […]

The Power of Curb Appeal

1. What is curb appeal    What is curb appeal? Curb appeal is the beauty of the exterior of a commercial or residential property, as seen from the road. The word was widely used in the United States before the housing boom and has continued to be utilized as an indication of the overall appeal of […]

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5 Great Exterior Remodeling Ideas for Your Home

Even if you absolutely adore your home, old aesthetics that you’ve looked at for years can start to get boring. You may want to add a new and refreshing accent to your house without making any major structural changes. Fortunately, there are a lot of great options for making the exterior of your home look […]

3 Fun and Creative Ways To Update Your Backyard for Summer

Summertime will soon be upon us, and now is a perfect time to start thinking of ways to update your backyard to make it a more comfortable and beautiful outdoor living space. Take steps now to decide on upgrades and landscape design so that you can spend your summer days and nights relaxing outdoors in the […]

The Importance of Gutters to Your Home

We never give much thought to these inconsequential looking pipes that run along lining the roof or from the roof to the ground. Every smart homeowner knows the value of these pipes. These are seamless rain gutters and they protect your home from water damage. Have you thought about how important a gutter installation is? […]

The 5 Types of Art You Need Around Your Home

Unless you plan on living in a white box for the rest of your life, you’re probably planning on hanging some art. You might consider yourself an art connoisseur, or you might grab whatever looks good at Target. Either way, you have a lot of options when it comes to art.You can hang indie pieces, […]

How to Protect Your Hot Tub from Winter Storms

Hot tubs have become the must-have accessory for any garden. When a big winter storm is bearing down and threatening snow, ice and a potential loss of power, there is one thing you should add to your preparation that you probably didn’t think of: protecting your hot tub from cold temperature and freezing water. It […]

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