30 Tile Shower Ideas for Your Home

Almost everyone loves a shower. A warm, destressing place to clear the mind after a long day is often much called for and the shower offers just that.

Considering so much time is spent in there, you’ll want it to look great. Check out these great tile ideas to give your bathroom a great, new look.

  1. The traditional, trusted and classic white. Maybe deemed a little old-fashioned but still adored worldwide by many people, the shower doors are also important.


  1. So simple yet so unheard of, the tiling here is phenomenally laid and thought out. The combining of different colours results in a 70’s style artistic finish


  1. Why settle for one splash of colour when you can go all out? Using several colours really brightens up the room.


  1. A pretty twist on the shower curtain, the enclosing panels provide an almost vintage look despite there being nothing like this before.


  1. Most people wouldn’t dream of having wood effect tiles in the shower but this setup shows that it can look fantastic if done right.


  1. Incredible matt black honeycomb tiles showcasing a modern approach with style. Far out from most people’s perceptions but aesthetically fantastic.


  1. Part soothing, part confusing, part ‘The Rainbow Fish’, yet completely magnificent, these mosaic tiles are simply stunning.


  1. Akin to fine china, this beauty of these tiles can’t be overstated. A range of intricate designs make up an incredible bigger picture.


  1. Beautifully finished with a stone effect floor and strip, this wood effect style proves that showers can be the focal point of a bathroom.


  1. Perhaps only suited to smaller bathrooms, this electric blue tiling is still pretty great. On point with the water aspect, the striking colour makes for a very interesting morning.


  1. Amazing porcelain taking this bathroom to a whole next level in terms of class and design. A more classic approach but one that work tremendously well.


  1. Pastel green offering a soft touch and clean look. These tiles offer an artistic impression to the bathroom and break splendidly from traditional counterparts.


  1. Nature inspired black mosaic combined with classic grey shower floor tiles find a middle ground between the old and the new, offering the best of best worlds.


  1. Solid blue tiles might sound dull but this bathroom shows that couldn’t be further from the truth. A clean-cut finish and that looks great.


  1. An incredibly designed silver and white tile complemented magnificently by minimalist showerhead and tap. Notice the precise patterns sitting perfectly against the edge of the tiles.


  1. A classical, English countryside shade of green makes these tiles very appealing to those who enjoy the great outdoors.


  1. Modern, contemporary neutral and brown design. The colour give the whole room a completely different angle – in a good way of course.


  1. Classic white paired with slate effect tiles resembling a classic border decoration. The clean look is a compliment to the bathroom as a whole.


  1. Beautiful brick effect tiles offering a welcoming aura and stunning appeal. These tiles look incredible and brighten the room magnificently.


  1. Classic tile tessellations with a rectangular twist. Perhaps not the prettiest of tiles but ones that are highly effective at creating an atmosphere.


  1. As we know, shower tiles don’t have to be plain and this bathroom hammers home that point emphatically.


  1. A completely different approach altogether, these rustic, reflective tiles have to be seen to be believed.


  1. Something on a completely different scale to almost anything else, these tiles change colour when wet, proving that tiles don’t have to be boring and lifeless


  1. Blue and white Calka, a touch of Spain mixed with a dash of colour offer anew perception of the bathroom.


  1. Going in the opposite direction to ‘conventional’ white tiles, the dark black finish is, maybe ironically, extremely inviting.


  1. Stylish silver grey Rapolano. Almost professional looking, the smart finish these tiles showcase is beautiful.


  1. The tiles in this shower and bathroom may be considered old-fashioned but when set about in the right way, showcase an extremely modern and appealing environment.


  1. A little more on the ‘out there’ side, hexagonal tiles with a blue background and white stars make for a surprisingly great look.


  1. Metallic finishes might be rare in the bathroom but don’t let that stop you from looking in awe at these stunning tiles.


  1. Solid and elegant subtle grey. Minimalism, simplicity and style are fused to produce incredible tiles.


Lee Simpkin is General Manager of Tile Town and a self-confessed lover of tiles. Ever since fist getting into the tile business in the early 90s, he’s been marvelling over them.

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