Eco Friendly Container Homes- The Metal Boxes Sweeping The Nation

The world was elated when Elon Musk showcased the power of his new $90 million toy which ended up placing his Tesla Roadster in orbit. If you don’t know why people were so excited about Elon Musk’s latest project, well his company – Space X – had finally developed a powerful rocket booster at a fraction of the cost. The goal of doing so was to halve the time it will take for man to colonize Mars and probably other planets.

But why is there interest for people to colonize other planets and yet we already have a beautiful home called Earth?

Well, in the spirit of industrialization and technological advancement, corporations have mined Earth resources to produce useful products such as PCs, smart devices, vehicles and others. Once the raw materials are transported to the manufacturing plant, they undergo various processes before being turned into useful products. During manufacturing, greenhouse gases and harmful waste are generated. These have eroded the ozone layer over the past few centuries leaving Earth open to adverse climate changes. With Evans Manufacturing Co you don’t need to worry about getting  the best industrial equipment.

Now, Earth is faced with adverse climate change effects such as storms and droughts. This has left many people worried. In an effort to save the planet, a vast majority of people have adopted environmentally conscious efforts in order to reduce their carbon foot print.

One such method is recycling. Basically, people are converting plastic, glass and even metal covered with Cold Spray into reusable products. Today, people can convert shipping containers into Eco-friendly homes. The question remains-why are Eco-friendly container homes so popular today?

Affordable Storage

New shipping containers come at a high price and that is why they are used to ship products from one international port to another. On the other hand, used containers are relatively cheap. You can buy a used container (10’, 20’ or 40’) for as low as $2,000. This is quite a save especially if you are planning to build a sizeable home. If you live in the US, a great resource like can be used to check prices and even have them delivered.

Let’s assume your blueprint requires the use of one or just two containers (40 feet containers). Your capital for purchasing the containers will be less than $5000 if you factor in transportation cost to your building site. Aside from the length, you may come across shipping containers available in different shapes. With a little creativity, you may turn a shipping container of any size or shape into an amazing Eco-friendly home.

The architectural metal fabrications show that two containers are essentially enough for creating a two bedroom home that is suitable for a couple with even one kid. This metal fabrication process may also involve other processes like sand casting the ensure that the end results are top quality. The containers can be piled on top of the other for added space. This creates two floors for your new home. With partitioning, you can build a spacious living room, dining room and kitchen in the bottom container. For the top container, it can house two bedrooms and a home office.

Eco friendly set up

If you are planning to construct a standard home whether it’s made of concrete, bricks or wood for the outer walls, you will be required to transport the materials to the site. At the site, you will be forced to clear a large section of the area in order to allow the cutting of wood, mixing of building materials and the movement of materials. This is a bit cumbersome and may affect the surrounding environment negatively especially if you consider the dumping of waste.

According to PRT Industries, a used storage container can help you fulfill the recycling slogan “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” As a result, you will be in possession of a re-purposed shipping container that is not only secure but durable.

As you already know, shipping containers are constructed with rust proof steel. This helps to ensure that they are corrosion resistant, at you will be able to find the tools to cut the steel very easily.

Using a shipping container to build your home results in an Eco-friendly set up. How? It has a low environmental impact. Since they are certified for heavy use, they are water resistant, says a water damage restoration san diego. To build a stylish home, you will need to make a few modifications namely windows, a new paint job, doors and maybe a skylight.

Because additional containers can be added to your existing Eco-friendly set-up, no additional space will be required nor will there be any dumping of waste.

A Weatherproof Solution

If you live in a tornado or hurricane prone zone, then you have probably experienced extreme weather in form of over 100 miles per hour wind. As the storm traverses the landscape, it destroys any building, vehicle or plantation. That is not all. It will uproot or knock down trees and power-lines.

I know you may be worried about the shipping container ability to withstand extreme weather. Well, you will be happy to know that they are able to do so. Thanks to the use of heavy duty steel to construct the shipping container, it helps to ensure that the container can withstand winds of up to 100 miles per hour.

With affordable residential roofing in Colorado you can be securely anchored to the ground, your new home can be able to withstand winds of up to 175 miles per hour. In case of an earthquake, you will be assured that your home is protected. According to engineers, eco friendly container homes are the safest storm shelters.

Cost effective

As said earlier, buying two containers measuring 40 feet is cost effective especially if you are planning to live in a self sustaining home. Joining them together will ensure that you have around 640 square feet of space inside.

If you plan your house just like Larry did, you will have 40 by 16 square feet of space to use. Here is how to build a modest two bedroom home with two 40 feet containers. The first step involves the adjustment of the shipping containers to be in the right position. This means they should be flat on the ground and not at a gradient. Once this has been done, the next step will involve the welding of the containers together and treating them with PWHT. Afterwards, you need to insulate the outside, cut the windows and doors before framing them and insulating the interior.

Thereafter, you can decorate the home to your liking. Research has shown that to fully construct a home with two containers, it will cost $25,000 to $35,000.

Final Thoughts

Used shipping containers have been hailed as the leading contributor in the fight against pollution and waste accumulation. As a result, they have become the perfect solution for housing families. With a capital of $25,000 to $35,000, you can now build an Eco-friendly home that brings numerous benefits to you and the surrounding environment.

Make the change today!

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