Spice up any living space with metallics

Metals were once hard to obtain and difficult to preserve and keep bright. But the modern science of metallurgy has made great strides in bringing us all sorts of once-rare and costly metals from a metal fabrication for use in our homes at prices that allow anyone to decorate like a prince or princess. And metals are known for their therapeutic properties, as well. Silver is a well-known antiseptic.. And copper is reputed to reduce the aches and pains of rheumatism. A metallic covering means no more worries about fabric allergies, and there’s no need to worry about dirt or stains. By using an automatic tank welding machine or a laser cutting service, more intricate designs can be created with metal which is great with improving home decor. All in all, metallic decorating is chic and inexpensive:

Silver Throw Pillows

These can be had for as little as $180.00 a piece. Their shimmering covering will fascinate children, discourage germs, and brighten up the darkest living room.

Magnetic Paintings

These stainless steel pictures use magnetized graphite, which is guided by Mexican artists to create vivid illustrations of mountain scenery, picturesque lakes and forests, and even arrogant bull fighters. Once the graphite is in place it cannot fall off or be smudged. They are available from many different venues online.

Pewter Mugs

A colonial tradition, pewter mugs can be used to serve beverages, but they can also make a wonderful vase for flower clippings or pens and pencils. Pewter never rusts and never leaves rings on a table.   

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