Design and Build a Barn Door for Your Home

With the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) movement full steam ahead, most homeowners love looking for projects they can do from home. Why? Not only is it personal, but it’s also customizable and generally saves them money in the long run. Built with sturdy materials and unique barn door hardware, you can’t go wrong in the DIY space as long as you have the right milwaukee tools and materials. For help with your re-roof project, contact the team at Roofing World in Huntsville.

We’re going to show what to consider before getting started on your DIY interior barn door project. Here’s a hint: There’s a lot you should be considering.

  • How Will Your Barn Door Be Used?

For some, adding a barn door merely is for a design/aesthetic purpose. But for others, adding a barn door with barn door hardware is more for functional purposes. So before you run to the nearest home department store, consider how you want it to be used. Ask yourself:

  • Will there be space for installation?
  • Do I want to close off certain areas in my home?
  • Is it fixed to the wall or will it move?

And as a useful reminder, most barn doors are made without locks. So it’s probably not a great idea to use a DIY barn door in an area you want the ability to lock a door for privacy or safety. For those areas, you should install door closers with locks to improve the security of your property. 

  • Style is Everything

Barn doors aren’t just for those who are looking for a country feel to their home. Many use sliding barn doors in contemporary, modern and traditional styled homes. In your design, consider the number of doors you’ll have and what materials you’ll consider using to make the project possible. One way to make sure that your door would look great with the rest of your house is to get professional help from remote home staging companies.

Traditionally, barn doors are made with wood and metal barn door hardware. They also tend to glide along a metal track because it is able to hold the weight of a door that size. But today, you may see barn doors made from old church doors and even glass.

  • Design and Build

As you consider your final design plans, ensure that the sliding barn door and barn door hardware are not only unique to your home but fit well within the rest of your home’s design or decor.

If your barn door(s) are a centerpiece to your home, make the rest of your home’s decor neutral enough to let the doors stand out. Here are some ways to make your barn door stand out:

  • Frosted glass
  • A dramatic paint color
  • Metallic barn door hardware
  • Mixed metals
  • Unique wood choices

Once the design is in place, you’re ready to start the biggest task of all: The build. Of course, it may be what you’ve been looking forward to most.

If you notice a sudden spike in power bills, you may need to investigate your garage door. If your door has worn down, your garage may be letting cold air in, throwing off the temperature of your home, resulting in a much higher power bill. A certified garage door mechanic from Titan Garage Doors might be able to help you determine if this is the cause, and if replacing the door could save you money in the long run, visit their website to get the info.

You can shop our selection of barn door hardware by clicking here, and visit a hardware store for tools, then get started designing a unique barn door that will be the talking point of your home.

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