What to Do with Your Stuff During a Huge Remodeling Project

A huge remodeling project is usually quite structurally invasive, so there are health and safety issues to consider. In older homes you have the potential for lead dust and other harmful contaminants. If you have children, particularly those under 6 years of age, do not stay in the house during the project.

You need to ensure that all the workers are using the safety equipment properly, to prevent any accident, however, if this happens the best option is to contact a construction accident lawyer in allentown pa to provide you with the legal advice to handle your case.

Completely removing your belongings eliminates the potential for any contamination. Even if you are not moving, or only temporarily relocating during the project, this moving packing list will help you keep you and your stuff safe and sound while it stays in one of these other locations and even while you get everything transported by residential moving services. Once your remodeling project is completed you can to a thorough estate cleanout to get rid of all the garbage. 

In-Home Storage

Choosing a different room in the home in which you can store the items from the room that is being remodeled can work. Make sure it is well away from the construction area, and limit foot traffic as much as possible to avoid cross-contamination. This is good if you have a single-space project, like a kitchen or bathroom remodel, but if you are doing a whole-house project, you will be spending way too much time shuffling around your belongings.


A self storage unit is ideal when you are doing a full-house remodel and will be relocating until the project is completed. There are many locations and sizes from which you can choose, and you can pack your belongings in them based on what you may need access to while the work is being completed.

Ask a Friend or Family for Space

A less expensive alternative than paying for storage space is asking a friend or family member for some garage or shed space, and perhaps some closet space for personal items that may need a climate-controlled environment. Make sure you fully communicate the extent of your project and length of time you will need the space, so there are no problems down the line.

Removing your belongings can help a huge remodeling project go much more smoothly, and a moving packing list will make the removal and retrieval of your personal effects a lot easier as well.

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