Moving 101: Managing Your Stuff After An All-Day Move

Moving from one location to another will require time from you. With the number of tasks needed whenever moving, you’ll likely need a few months to successfully complete a move. You’ll need time to look for reliable movers on for hire, purchase packing supplies for your valuables and keep track all of these during moving day. However, your tasks don’t end the moment you and your long distance movers arrive at your new home. In fact, you’ll still have to unpack all of your moving boxes, check the condition of your valuables and rearrange all of these based on your preferences, if you hire one of the many moving companies in your area they can do this for you. Remember that hiring decluttering services for this is an amazing option.

Managing your stuff after an all-day move can be a struggle find one of many moving companies to help you out. You’re probably too tired to do it since you’ve spent the entire day (and even the weeks prior) in making sure that your move will be as smooth as possible. Let these tips help you make this process easier:

  1. Unpack all of your kids’ stuff first.

Moving with your entire family can isn’t an easy stint. Aside from making sure that you’ve packed all of your valuables and hired the right movers from NYC, you also have to look after all of your family members. This is especially true if you’re a parent who’s moving with the kids. If you want to manage your stuff and take care of your kids, opt to unpack all of their toys first. You should also prioritize unpacking all of the items to be placed in their rooms. Since kids can’t grasp the entire idea of moving, providing an environment which is already familiar to them can help them adjust faster. Plus, when you have their rooms set up, you won’t have any problems once they want to sleep or rest.

  1. Control your cords.

Because of the advent of technology, technology use in homes is already common. Most often than not, you’ll own a few handheld gadgets and laptops. And for these to function correctly, you’ll need to use chargers and other cords. If you own a lot of these gadgets, these cords can be tangled easily. It won’t be long before your new home will become a tangled mess. You can avoid experiencing this by designating a storage box solely for your cords. If you’re planning to use a drawer, take time to wrap all of your cords separately so these won’t tangle with each other.

If this solution isn’t appropriate for you, you can purchase a cord control kit from your local hardware store. Usually, these kits come with a large plastic tube which allows you to hold several cords at the same time. You can also use everyday household items such as a leftover paper towel tube to hold your cords in one place.

  1. Create a linen closet.

It’s typical for clothes to be prioritized whenever unpacking. Of course, you’ll need to be fully-clothed when you’re unpacking all of your valuables. But although uncommon, you should start creating a linen closet the moment you arrive in your new home. This is where your towels and bedroom sheets should be stored. A linen closet is essential because you’ll save time and effort from going through every single moving box whenever you’re taking a shower or going to sleep.

  1. Distribute your moving boxes strategically.

It’s common practice for homeowners to unload all of their moving boxes from the vehicle, place them near the entrance of the house and sort them out later. Doing this might seem a quick solution, but actually, it’s not. Throwing your moving boxes in one location will only require more time and effort from you, if you need help with a long distance moving, companies like Green Van Lines can help with long distance moving at a fare cost. The better option is to put your moving boxes into the rooms where they belong. Doing this will make it very easy for you to unpack and arrange all of the valuables needed for that particular room. The success of this strategy depends on the labeling system that you use.

  1. Clean before unpacking.

All of the valuables you brought to your new home might be really useful and important to you-you wouldn’t bring anything which is useless, right? As one way of maintaining the condition of these valuables, take time to clean before you unpack anything. Cleaning materials such as paper towels and brooms should be accessible to you. Not only can cleaning benefit your valuables but it’ll make your life easier – cleaning an entire house with a lot of obstacles (aka your valuables) is time-consuming and tedious.

Change Your Ways

Moving can be very daunting and stressful because you’ll have to accomplish several things before, during and after the move. If you currently have responsibilities on your plate, a move can be too overwhelming; therefore, we suggest hiring a moving company to get extra help. With the right home movers, moving can become a memorable experience for you, some may even offer car storage which is a great thing for those who have several vehicles. Aside from following the tips from this article, make sure that you’re always patient and flexible throughout the entire move.  

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