6 Basement Remodel Ideas that Will Make You Love Your Home

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When it comes to remodeling or creating a new space, the basement is where renovation dreams come true. Many homeowners who have an unfinished or outdated basement are unsure where to start their DIY basement remodeling project.

From lighting to family room space, it can feel overwhelming. Not anymore, check out these six basement remodel ideas that will take you from the average homeowner to home renovator extraordinaire. Basement remodeling projects don’t have to feel overwhelming. With a well-thought-out plan and budget, these projects can be fun and exciting to undertake. If you’re looking for a company to do Basement Renovations Edmonton Alberta contact our team of professionals.

The Family Room

Turning an unfinished basement into a family room is a great place for family and friends to spend time together, watching movies and playing games. Plus, with a family room in the basement, there’s no worry about a mess when guests come over unexpectedly. You now have a living room space upstairs and a family room down in the basement that doesn’t require constant maintaining,  short throw projectors allow you to throw your game screen onto the wall

If you plan on putting your family room/TV room downstairs, you might consider dimmer lights and indirect lighting on the exterior walls. Avoid putting any lights directly above the TV or projector screen to reduce glare.

Another great addition is home theater seating, and you may even consider elevating the back row to create a movie theater feel, getting movie seat protector at the Seat Sitters can be a good idea.

Play Area for Kids

If you have small children, having a place dedicated to them not only leaves kids feeling special but keeps their toys, crayons, and books in one location in the basement. Consider adding built-in bookcases to hold toys and books organized on shelves.

If you’re adding space for kids in the basement, here are some fun ideas to incorporate:

  • Add a slide with a regular staircase for kids — budget-friendly and fun!
  • Add a chalkboard wall for endless art entertainment
  • Install a playhouse under the basement stairs

Office Space

When the only available space for an office is in the basement, you may be wondering how you’ll be able to renovate the basement to allow for a home office. A home office depends significantly on the amount of space available.

Often, a home office may be a desk where your computer sits. However, if space allows, adding a built-in desk and storage unit against a basement wall can be a great way to not only add storage but allow for work to be done.

Upgrade Flooring

You know the carpet may be a little too old if you can’t seem to remember what it looked like when you first had it installed. One basement remodel idea for homeowners is replacing their flooring with cork flooring for sale Australia. Other options for basement flooring include:

  • Epoxy
  • Vinyl
  • Carpet
  • Ceramic tile
  • Engineered wood

A pro tip: Ensure your epoxy flooring can hold up wear and potential flooding issues, should they happen, you can learn more by reading the article from the supplier.

Adding a Small Bathroom

Most basements, especially those of older homes, don’t have the installed plumbing for a bathroom. A proper waterproof foundation system done by an affordable foundation repair available here will not only keep your foundation from water ever entering but prevent mold and mildew growing in the future. However, if your basement allows space for a bathroom, there’s no better way to add value to a home, however, make sure you hire the most trusted basement waterproofing contractors to prevent any leak. 

Emergencies happen, and when guests are over, they may not want to climb back upstairs to use the bathroom. Having a half-bath or small bathroom with a full shower, can significantly add convenience and appeal to your new living space.

With a big project like a basement bathroom, it may be a good idea to work with or consult a contractor before undergoing the project. You wouldn’t want that DIY project to turn into a room full of water.

Wet Bar

In a basement living setting, adding a wet bar can be great for family and friends who visit and may stay in the guest bedroom downstairs. A wet bar adds convenience to any lower-level space, with small snack and beverage options for guests.

Here’s a tip: Consider adding cabinets and a small countertop with a sink to the wet bar space, if your basement allows. This can be great for small cleanups and added storage space.

No matter what your budget, with the blank canvas a basement provides, there’s sure to be basement remodel ideas coming your way. Since it may require significant investment and planning, you may want to find financing options for your remodeling project. Just remember that regardless of the expense, a new basement can significantly improve the value of your home. If a remodel isn’t an option right now, keep these ideas in mind for whenever the time is right.

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