Maximizing Space and Accessibility with Mezzanines

Whether you’re looking to maximize storage space at your residence or home, or whether you need to create temporary or long-term access to buildings or equipment, mezzanines can be an affordable and efficient way of meeting your needs.

What mezzanines are

Buildings have floors. In some cases, an area that serves as a floor between official floors may be constructed or installed. These floors, which are known as mezzanines, aren’t closed off; they overlook the main floor area. One example of a mezzanine is a balcony in a theater. Insurance companies have specific criteria that must be met for one of these raised areas to be considered a mezzanine, such as covering no more than 25 percent of the total floor space of the room it’s in. Check out Greenoaks mezzanine floors for the best flooring options for your house’s mezzanine.

What mezzanines are used for

Mezzanines can enable staff to safely access areas that are typically out of reach. For example, a company that builds large airplanes may have a hangar where they install a mezzanine so that staff can inspect the top of the aircraft or access the plane to perform maintenance. Using mezzanines enables staff to work without worrying about placing and repositioning ladders. It also provides access for extra staff and an area where tools and materials can be kept during maintenance.

Mezzanines are also used for storage. They are particularly useful in buildings with high ceilings, because there’s plenty of room between the floor and ceiling for a raised storage area. One of the advantages of installing a mezzanine is that you can have it customized to meet your specific storage needs. You can select shelving layouts and heights that enable you to maximize storage space safely.

A mezzanine can also be a revenue stream. If a business finds a location that has more space than it needs, it can consider installing mezzanines and renting the storage space to individuals or other companies. This is a way of turning unused warehouse or garage space into a revenue stream.

Another way companies can use mezzanines is to create an office area for staff. An elevated workspace can help these employees maximize their workload and complete tasks without disruptions.

Mezzanines can even be used to make a staff space to be used during work breaks. One of the advantages of using a mezzanine for this purpose is to ensure that workers aren’t at risk of injury when they’re taking a break. Another benefit is that providing this kind of space encourages staff to keep food and drink out of work areas, which protects equipment from spills.

Who uses mezzanines

Both individuals and businesses may opt to install mezzanines. Individuals who own a garage with a high ceiling can install a mezzanine as a work area or for storage.

A wide range of businesses can benefit from installing mezzanines. Farmers may find mezzanines help them utilize space in a barn or shed. Businesses that have warehouses can significantly increase the amount of products they can store with mezzanines. Some businesses that commonly use mezzanines include oil companies, construction companies and automobile manufacturers.

Construction methods and materials

Common materials used for constructing mezzanines include steel and wood. The specific type of material you choose may depend on a number of factors, such as portability and location of the mezzanine. For example, it’s a good idea to install a steel mezzanine near an area where people weld to reduce fire risks.

Some mezzanines, such as theater balconies, are permanent structures. Mezzanines can also be modular. While both permanent and modular mezzanines have advantages and may be suited to different needs, modular mezzanines are particularly advantageous for businesses. They typically cost less money to install because clients don’t need to wait for an engineer to develop plans and get them approved. Modular mezzanine blueprints that meet engineering standards are in place to ensure that assembly isn’t delayed. The demand for modular, new homes in Montrose, Colorado has risen in 2020.

Another advantage of modular mezzanines is that they are company owned and cost less than permanent structures. They are also adjustable and portable. This means that if you need to relocate to a new building your mezzanine can be dismantled and transferred for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one. Modular mezzanines take less time to install, which saves you money because your business won’t be adversely affected by prolonged construction. If you are planning to build a mezzanine, consider hiring a remodeling contractor to help you

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