Tin Interiors Bring Vintage Style from Backsplashes to Wallpaper

It all started with the rediscovery of pressed tin ceilings in old homes. Over a hundred years ago the most elegant homes and business establishments featured ceilings of tinwork. It was long lasting, didn’t rust or stain, and gave a look of simply elegance to the most basic building unit.

Today the pressed tin ceiling is coming back into style. But that’s not all. Now there are tin-based paneling options that can give a living room wall an elegant but straightforward look, and which require absolutely no upkeep except an occasional swipe with a dust cloth. The great thing about tin-based home decor is that tin deadens sound — so your home’s privacy is suddenly enhanced without elaborate expenditures. And with custom welding services, it will be easier to incorporate tin and other metal materials into your home decor. If you want to do the welding yourself, make sure to wear welding helmets and other safety gear.

Most tin comes from Peru and Mexico, but there are several boutique tin mines in the United States that specialize not only in mining the mineral, but refining it into tiles, panels, and lintels for your home. And tin is one of the most inexpensive metals around — it costs less than bronze, brass, stainless steel, copper, and pewter.

It’s completely fireproof and non-conductive. So it can act as insulation from the heat and cold.

Best of all, if you don’t like the shimmering grey of tin you can paint over it with any regular household paint. It holds any water-based paint and doesn’t need to be primed before painting.

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